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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 Independent/Third Party candidates qualify for NJ Governor’s race…

10 Independent/Third Party candidates qualify for NJ Governor’s race… that’s the report from

The report says one of those independents expects to get public matching funds for the election. Christopher J. Daggett, a former Department of Environmental Protection commissioner according to a line from the report claims to be, “close to raising enough money to qualify for public matching funds, which would give him cash and a spot in official televised debates.”

Daggett is running under the "Independent for NJ” party.

Also running for the office are:
David R. Meiswinkle of the "Middle Class Empowerment" party.
Kostas Petris of the "For The People” party.
Joshua Leinsdorf running on the "Fair Election Party" ticket.
Gary T. Steele holds the "Leadership, Independence, Vision" ticket nod.
Jason Cullen will have "People Not Politics" next to his name.
Kenneth R. Kaplan is the "Libertarian Party" candidate.
Gregory Pason is the "Socialist Party USA" candidate.
Gary Stein is labeled is "Independent."
Alvin Lindsay Jr. has a pretty clear party, "Lindsay for Governor."

Gov. Jon Corzine is the Democrat candidate and the Republican is Chris Christie.


Third Party or Independent candidates on Twitter

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