Monday, May 11, 2009

Constitution & Reform Parties see opportunity...

Constitution & Reform Parties see opportunity... for gain new supporters from unhappy Republicans.  On 5/07/09 the Constitution Party said they are trying to "Romance" unhappy Republicans.  They point to a Rasmussen Poll showing nearly 70% of Republican voters say their own party members in Congress are out of touch.

The Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer said, ""We are seeing an unprecedented shift in party allegiance as those who’ve been disappointed time and again leave the ranks of the Republican Party".  He also said, "(Republican leaders) waved a red flag in front of those of us bullish on liberty. The reason the Republicans lost the White House in 2008 is not because their candidate was too conservative, but because he wasn’t conservative enough." 

The Reform Party also sees the chances to gain voters from both disenchanted Republicans and Democrats.  Their May Newsletter reads, "this financial crisis is the result of years of opportunistic business practices that span both Republican and Democratic administrations.  Unfortunately, both parties turned a blind eye". 

ANALYSIS: What is the plan for both of these parties?  They need to reach-out with a positive message.  The message of anger can get attention, but a positive message is what is needed to gain loyal followers.

West Virgina a place for indys...

West Virgina a place for indys... The Libertarian party and bloggers are praising West Virgina Governor Joe Manchin for making it easier for third parties to make it onto the West Virgina ballots.

The Governor signed a bill to make the filing date later and demand fewer signatures to get on the ballot.


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