Friday, October 30, 2009

Libertarian for Iowa Governor launches website…

Libertarian for Iowa Governor launches website at Eric Cooper and Nick Weltha are running for Iowa Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Their website touches on a number of issues including: Education, Smoking Ban, Gay Marriage, Cigarette Tax, Fireworks Ban, Drugs, and Attracting People to Iowa.


Newspapers says: Vote for Daggett, the only positive one…

The Hunterdon County Democrat newspaper says vote for Daggett. The newspaper endorsed independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett.

Jon Corzine and Democrats are guilty of, “ever-increasing debt and one-shot budget gimmicks.” As for Republican Chris Christie they say the prosecutor is not right for the Governor’s Office, “cracking down on lawbreakers is far different from juggling the nuances, personalities and pressures of running state government.

So why Daggett? The paper says, “…both parties have failed and the voters' best choice is the independent Chris Daggett. Unencumbered by party, he would have to pursue compromises and alliances that would break the partisan gridlock. Most of the positive vision advanced in the campaign has been by Daggett.


Former Republican Governor of New York endorses Third Party candidate…

Ben Smith on published a statement former New York Governor George Pataki’s endorsement of Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in New York’s 23rd Congressional Special Election.

Pataki, a Republican, did not mention liberal-leaning Republican backed Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava and only said Doug Hoffman was the correct candidate to vote for in the race.

Pataki said, “…I’m deeply concerned about the course of our nation and the outcome of the election in the 23rd Congressional District… we cannot afford another vote for higher taxes, we cannot afford another vote for government run health care and we absolutely cannot afford another vote to take away from hard working men and women the right to secret ballot. That is why tonight, I’m proud to endorse Doug Hoffman, a Republican, running on the Conservative line for Congress in the 23rd Congressional District… And Doug Hoffman can win.


Third party candidates garnering some support in California special election…

Third party candidates garnering some support in California special election. It has been the least talked about major election set for early November, but there is a Congressional special election in California set for November 3, 2009.

The race is to replace Democrat Ellen Tauscher, who is now Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.

Lieutenant Governor Democrat John Garamendi is facing Republican David Harmer along with American Independent candidate Jerry Denham, Jeremy Cloward of the Green Party, and Mary C. McIlroy from the Peace and Freedom Party.

A poll conducted by SurveyUSA showed Lieutenant Governor Garamendi getting 50% of the vote and Harmer with 40%. The poll said “other” candidates are getting six percent of the vote, but the poll did not show which candidates were getting the vote. Four percent are still undecided.


15% of New Jersey voters planning to vote for other options…

15% of New Jersey voters are planning to vote for other options in the Governor's race according to a new Stockton College/Zogby International Survey. The poll showed 14% of voters plan to vote for independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett, and 1% plan to vote for another person beyond Daggett or the Republican or Democrat. The “other” was not specified in the poll.

The poll showed incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine up 40-39% to Republican challenger Chris Christie.


Poll shows Bloomberg safe…

Poll shows Bloomberg safe in polling numbers and favorable rating. A Marist University showed independent incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a 53-38% lead of over Democratic challenger New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson.

54% of people polled also said Mayor Bloomberg is doing an Excellent/Good job in office.

4% of voters said they will cast their vote for another candidate.


Rasmussen still shows low support for Daggett…

Rasmussen Polls are still shows low support for Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Daggett. Rasmussen shows 8% of voters are leaning for Daggett, compared with 46% for Republican challenger Chris Christie and Incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine getting 43%.

Rasmussen says Daggett’s numbers are, “up a point from earlier in the week but down three from two weeks ago.” Rasumssen says, “more than 20% of the state’s voters have considered voting for Daggett at some point along the way”.

Rasmussen polls have show significantly lower support for Daggett than other polls over the past few weeks.


Independent for Massachusetts Governor looking good…

Independent for Massachusetts Governor looking good according to polls. A Rasmussen Reports poll of Likely voters shows current Governor Duval Patrick is leading in current polling with 34%. But, there is a two-way tie for second place with the Republican candidate and former Democrat now running as independent state Treasurer Tim Cahill. Treasurer Cahill got 23% of the vote.

The Republican candidate will like be either Charlie Baker or 2006 independent candidate Christy Mihos, their polling results in the election were stastically equal.

The great news of the poll for Treasure Cahill is that he is the leader in the Favorable ratings. He had a 49-25 rating. That puts Treasure Cahill with the highest favorable rating, but also the lowest unfavorable rating. That means if the people who have no opinion of Cahill break evenly he will have a 62% favorable rating, and a likely win in the 2010 election.


Hoffman tied for lead, and looking good…

Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman tied for the lead in New York’s Special Election in the 23rd Congressional District.

A Daily Kos poll of likely voters shows Doug Hoffman tied with Democrat Bill Owens for a lead in the race. The poll shows Bill Owesn at 33% and Doug Hoffman at 32%. Liberal-leaning Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava is well behind at 21%.

The biggest take away from this is that 12% of Republicans are still undecided and 14% of Independents are still undecided. Republicans and Independents are both breaking for Hoffman, also only Hoffman has a clear advantage in favorability rating from Republicans and Independents. Even if all of undecided Democrats break for Owens, Hoffman can win if a majority of Republicans and Independents break for him.


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