Monday, September 28, 2009

Newspaper: Working Families Party tied to investigation of “forged and fraudulent absentee ballots” is reporting that, "Dozens of forged and fraudulent absentee ballots from people registered to vote on the Working Families Party line were filed in the Sept. 15 primary elections in Troy."

The report continued to say, "Many of the questionable ballots were filed under the names of students and people who live in government-subsidized housing and other downtown areas."

The Working Families Party has close ties to the group ACORN that has come under fire for questionable, possibly fraudulent and possibly criminal activities. The Co-chair of the Working Families Parties is Bertha Lewis, ACORN’s Executive Director.


Ex-Ohio Communist Party leader advances to general election…

Ex-Ohio Communist Party leader advances to the general election for Cleveland City Council. An article posted on says former Ohio Communist Party chairman Rick Nagin has advanced in the primary for the Cleveland City Council’s 14th Ward. Nagin is now a registered Democrat.

The article quotes Nagin saying, "My philosophical outlook is to stand up for working people… If elected, I would work not only very hard for my constituents but be a voice for organized labor."

The City Council race is non-partisan.

He faces off against Brian Cummins, who the article says is both a Democratic & Green Party member.

The two beat out five candidates for the seat including the incumbent.


From birth to campaign…

From birth to campaign are the subjects of a long article on featuring a New Jersey Independent Gubernatorial candidate. Michael Symons wrote a long piece on Chris Daggett.

The story starts with Daggett meeting with former Maine Independent Governor Angus King to get advice on his run for Governor. The article then focuses on Daggett's political career, beliefs, political donations, private career and yes even touches on his childhood.

It’s a good read to learn about the man.


Connecticut newspaper gives a lot of time to independents & third parties…

Connecticut newspaper gives a lot of time to independents & third parties. The Greenwich Time gave writer Frank Juilano a lot column inches to breakdown the independents and third parties in Connecticut.

The article at least once (many in the last paragraph) mentioned every registered third party in Connecticut.


Thirds party says it can rescue the worst state in the nation...

Thirds party says it can rescue the worst state in the nation for business. The Moderate Party of Rhode Island say the Forbes magazine’s rank of best and worse states for business is proof there needs to be a change in the state. Rhode Island came in last for states to conduct business.

The Moderate Party’s news release wrapped-up by saying, “Rhode Island can prosper and convert our current economic downward spiral into strong growth, an increasing tax base and a more educated work force. All we need to do is fix our current political dysfunction.

Moderates say Rhode Island difficult for business for a number of reasons including,“burdens (that) run the gamut from outrageous licensing fees to byzantine rules for tradesmen working in industries with a large unionized work force.”


Libertarian gets notice in Massachusetts Senate race…

Libertarian gets notice in Massachusetts Senate race, mostly because of his name. An article posted on gives six paragraphs to Independent Senate Candidate Joe Kennedy.

Kennedy, who is not related to the late-Senator, is getting attention because of his name.

The article describes Kennedy as, “…the choice for voters fed up with wealthy Democrats and Republicans fighting with each other, while ignoring the common folk who put them in power.”


Getting ready for the debate…

Getting ready for the debate watching parties. New Jersey Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Daggett is encouraging his supporters to organize debate-watching parties.

The first gubernatorial candidate debate will be October First.

The debate watching parties are also a fundraising effort. According to his website the Daggett team will, “be giving away tickets to the second NJ Debate to the group that can raise the most money for the DFG campaign! “


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