Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vermont Progressive Party Chair is safe…

Vermont Progressive Party Chair is safe for another term.

That is the word from Daniel Barlow writing on Barlow writes, “Vermont Progressive Party Chairwoman Martha Abbott is not expected to face any opposition for another term.


Workers World Party to hold annual party conference…

Workers World Party to hold annual party conference in New York City on Saturday, Nov. 14 and Sunday, Nov. 15.

A post on says this years theme is “Preparing and Organizing for the Future.”


Libertarian Executive Director asking for “Friends of Liberty” to run for office…

Libertarian National Committee Executive Director Wes Benedict wrote and open letter address to “Dear Friend of Liberty.” The letter started with Benedict asking for people to, “run for office”.

Benedict said he is getting many e-mails asking how to run for office. So, he’s sending an open letter explaining how to run. Simply Benedict is asking people to head to this website, , contact the state party, and then file with the state.
Benedict say in the letter, “If there's a race you can win, run for that office.”

Here is Benedict’s general plan. He is asking for people to run for office in small jurisdictions, “where it takes less than 1,000 votes to win”. He continues to say if people live in major cities where there are not very many small vote races he is encouraging people to run for Congress.

The Congressional races can generate publicity for the Libertarian Party. He also ads, “(a Congressional run puts candidates) in place in case a major backlash erupts against the Republicans and Democrats.”


Former mayor to run for Congress…

A former mayor is running for Congress in Wisconsin. Hank Murphy writes on that the former Mayor of Niagara, Wisconsin Joe Stern is running for the U.S. House of Representatives as an Independent.

Murphy writes Stern will run for the Eighth Congressional District’s seat. Democrat Steve Kagen holds the seat and was first elected in 2006.

Stern was quoted saying, “my success is going to be dependent on a grass roots effort… I can make a run at it, and I don’t think next year’s will be a typical election. I think there is going to be a tremendous backlash and I think it’s going to be a backlash against the established parties.”

Stern called the Obama administration’s claims of jobs created and saved as “laughable.”

The story wraps-up quoting Stern saying, “Neither party is truly serving my interests at this point… I’m not going to run as a Republican, but I’ll be happy to take their money.”


Independent leading in race for Governor…

Independent leading in race for Governor in Rhode Island according to a new Alpha Research Assoc. poll.

The poll had independent former Senator Lincoln Chafee leading in races versus Republican Rory Smith, and Democrats General Treasurer Frank Caprio and Attorney General Patrick Lynch.

The poll shows the former Republican Chafee getting 36 or 37 percent of the vote depending up on the match-up. In a race versus and Attorney General Lynch and Smith Chafee leads 37-24-15. The match-up is much closer with the Democrat being General Treasurer Caprio, but Chafee is still in the lead 36-34-8.

In the polls undecideds are still in the 20’s.


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