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Debate #2: Christie attacks Daggett, Corzine ignores him...

In the second New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate Jonathan Martin on says Republican Challenger Chris Christie spent most of the debate attacking Independent Chris Daggett, while Incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine mostly ignored Daggett only alluding to him.

So what is Martin’s take on Daggett? He explained Christie and Daggett, “traded attacks and had the sharpest exchange of the 90-minute debate over their tax and spending proposals.”

While not focusing on the other candidates Daggett focused on the parties of the candidates, “..saying that Democrats had offered a failed plan while Republicans presented no plan.” Daggett said, “It’s time to vote for someone rather than against someone.”

Daggett also twice mentioned his plan of reducing property taxes and not having a rebate anymore. Daggett said, “My definition of [property tax] rebates is money Republicans and Democrats shouldn’t have taken from you in first place.”

Governor Corzine mostly ignored Daggett in the debate, but also after the debate. Martin writes, “(Corzine was) uninterested in talking at any length about Daggett after the debate when asked by reporters about the independent.” Corzine was quoted saying, “At least (Daggett) has a plan, he doesn’t have a fantasy.”

Daggett also said he expects to have television advertisements at some time.


Another endorsement for Doug Hoffman, while Republican National Committee finally backs the Republican and President Obama is getting involved…

Three quick stories in one post.

On his Facebook status update Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman said, “The Conservative Victory Fund (CVF), the nation's oldest conservative campaign committee, has endorsed me today. #ny23 #tcot #ftrs”. Looking for a second source we went to Conservative Victory Fund’s website, and did not find anything, but we’ll trust Hoffman.

Meantime, Reid Wilson writes on that the Republican National Committee is now seriously backing the liberal-leaning and party hand-picked Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava. Wilson wrote, “The RNC will give $85,000 to the coordinated campaign efforts, the maximum allowed by federal law… the RNC will give the New York state Republican Party what a source described as a six-figure transfer in order to run more advertising (for Scozzafava)… the RNC has sent two paid staffers to help Scozzafava.”

Wilson added, “The NRCC has poured $567,000 into the race so far, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.”

Not to leave out Democrat Bill Owens, President Barack Obama has a fundraiser scheduled with Owens on Tuesday.


Third Party asking their members if they should endorse Daggett…

A third party is asking their members if they should endorse Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett. The New American Independent Party is asking with a poll on its website if they should endorse Daggett for Governor of New Jersey.

How many people will need to vote, and what percentage is needed for the party to say yes for the Daggett endorsement? We’re not sure.

In VERY early voting it is 75% in favor of a Daggett backing.


When a Newt endorses a candidate stuck in the woods, does anybody hear it?

When a Newt endorses a candidate stuck in the woods, does anybody hear it? That is the question for Republican Dede Scozzafava. She is running a campaign for Congress in New York’s 23rd Congressional District special election.

Newt Gingrich endorsed Republican picked candidate Dede Scozzafava in the race. Will the endorsement stop the free-fall of the Scozzafava campaign?

The liberal-leaning Republican has been losing support over the past two weeks to the Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. According a poll from Siena College, Democrat Bill Owens had 33%, Republican Scozzafava has 29% and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has 23%. The big news in the poll is that Hoffman gained seven points in two weeks and Scozzafava lost six points.

So will the Gingrich endorsement help the Republican? Gingrich is respected in Conservative corners, but that respect may not be able to over-come Scozzafava’s voting record, beliefs and hundreds of thousand of dollars of attack adds hitting her from the left and the right. Can a man from Georgia have much effect in the north woods of New York? We’ll have to wait for the next poll.


Could Independent Mayor Bloomberg back Independent for NJ Governor?

Could Independent Mayor Bloomberg back Independent for NJ Governor? Ben Smith writes on, “Asked if it was possible for Bloomberg to come out for Daggett, the mayor's adviser repeated: ‘Nothing ruled in or out.’

Smith wrote supporters of both Democratic Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chris Christie have asked for a Bloomberg endorsement. So what would endorsement would make the biggest difference? Smith argued, “…it's not the major party candidates that would receive the biggest boost from (Bloomberg)… it's Chris Daggett, the independent candidate in New Jersey… Popular and well-known in the Garden State's New York suburbs, Bloomberg is the sort of well-known figure who could lend a timely measure of credibility to Daggett's uphill and underfunded campaign.

Could an independent endorse and independent? Why not?


Modern Whig Party candidate for NJ Assembly backs independent for Governor…

Modern Whig Party candidate for NJ Assembly backs independent for Governor. Gene L. Baldassari is backing Independent Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor Chris Daggett. Baldassari is the first person to run on the Modern Whig ticket in New Jersey.

He wrote on his website, “I have not looked into all of (Daggett’s) ideas. But it is not necessary. Even if we disagree on some issues, we agree on the most important need for New Jersey. An Independent Governor would be independent enough to break the monopolistic stranglehold that’s preventing good ideas from penetrating the walls of the State House.”

Baldassari finishes his endorsement by saying, “Until we cure that disease, there is little profit in looking at any other issues. That is enough for me to consider him as a viable choice for Governor.”


Could one non-answer lead to a 3rd party candidate being elected?

Could one non-answer lead to a 3rd party candidate being elected? John McCormack writes on that there is a possibility the Republican nominee for the New York 23rd Congressional District special election, Dede Scozzafava, could ditch the Republican party.

McCormack asked Scozzafava’s spokesman via e-mail if Scozzafava would commit to running in a Republican primary in 2010. The non-answer could chase Scozzafava waning support away. Accoring to McCormack, the spokesman answered, "Dede is focused on the election that is Nov. 3."

By not saying yes to that question, Scozzafava pretty much just said no or we’ll see. Scozzafava’s spokesman did hedge saying that they would not make any comments about the future and said Scozzafava currently "is a vote for Rep. Boehner" to be speaker of the House. Scozzafava's spokesperson later realized he stepped in it after that comment. He contacted McCormack to say Scozzafava would run in the Republican primary in 2010 if challenged. The spokesman still would not comment if Scozzafava would run as an independent if she lost the primary.

These questions of party loyalty could crush Scozzafava. Currently Scozzafava is holding onto second for dear-life in the special election. That second place standing is only because of her winning 40% of the Republican votes, according to a recent poll from Siena College.

If Scozzafava looses a number of these voters to Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, she is finished in this race. Hoffman jumped into the race after Scozzafava was nominated by Republican party bosses. Many Republicans are supporting Hoffman because of Scozzafava's liberal-leaning voting record and beliefs.

All of the candidates in this race are currently about 10% apart.

If Scozzafava is finished in this race, could she be finished in the GOP?


Modern Whig Party targeting Florida democratic districts…

Modern Whig Party targeting Florida democratic districts with two new candidates. The Florida Whig Party, a branch of the Modern Whig Party has announced on Monday, October 19th, 2009, they will officially announce two new 2010 candidates for Congress.

The candidates will be in Florida's 3rd and 20th Congressional Districts.

The 3rd Congressional District covers parts of North Central Florida. Representative Corrine Brown has won the seat uncontested since 2006, in 2004 Congresswoman Brown won with 99% of the vote. She was last seriously challenged in 2002 when she won a three-way race, 59-41-0. She was first elected to Congress in 1992.

The 20th Congressional District covers parts of South Florida including Fort Lauderdale. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has represented the district since winning the 2004 election. That 2004 race was he closest when she won with 70% of the vote.

The Modern Whigs previously announced a candidate for Florida’s 2nd Congressional District. Paul C. McKain is trying to unseat Democratic Congressman Allen Boyd who was first elected in 1996.


Still 9% of New Jersey likely voters don’t know who they’ll pick for Governor...

Still 9% of New Jersey likely voters don’t know who they'll vote for on election day in the News Jersey Gubernatorial election according to a new New York Times poll. The analysis article on the polls reads, “Mr. Corzine is still at 40 percent, while Mr. Christie receives 37 percent — a gap that is within the margin of sampling error — and Mr. Daggett draws 14 percent.

This is the first New York Times poll on the New Jersey Governor’s race.

Respondents said their largest issue at 32% is property taxes. All of the candidates have tried to float their own property proposals. Chris Daggett has received praise for his plan, the other candidate’s plans have received some questions.


Huckabee backing Conservative Party candidate in NY’s special election?

Could Republican Mike Huckabee backing the Conservative Party candidate in New York's special election? Aaron Blake writes on the, that former Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee maybe siding with the Conservative Party candidate in New York’s special election of the 23rd Congressional District and ignoring the Republican backed candidate.

The article said, “… former GOP presidential candidate will be speaking at an event for the Conservative Party in upstate New York…”. Huckabee’s appearance could be seen as another Republican backing the Conservative Party candidate over Republican-selected Dede Scozzafava in the special election.

Former Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson has backed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman instead of Republican Scozzafava. The article say Huckabee is schedule to be at a dinner supporting The Conservative Party, but not necessarily their candidate Hoffman.

The article states Huckabee will be speaking at a dinner, “…just outside the 23rd district’s western border. Three counties in the 23rd are participating. It’s not clear whether there is any connection between the special election and Huckabee’s speaking engagement.”


NJ Governor's federal tax REFUND about twice the median NJ INCOME for 2008...

The federal tax refund for the New Jersey Governor is nearly half the total income of the Independent candidate for New Jersey Governor.

Independent candidate Chris Daggett has the smallest income of the main candidates for New Jersey Governor according to a new article on Claire Heininger and Josh Margolin write, “Among the three major candidates for governor, independent Chris Daggett says he is the closest to an average New Jersey taxpayer… Tax returns released by Daggett yesterday show he and his wife pulled down $287,240 last year. While he earns the least of the three major candidates, Daggett's household income far surpasses the state's $66,509 household median.

The newspaper describes Daggett as, “an environmental consultant, and wife Beatrice, a real estate saleswoman.” The article continues to say, “(Daggett’s) return shows the couple gave $21,552 in charitable donations and paid $12,949 in state income tax.” The paper writes that Daggett has always made it a priority to live the middle-class lifestyle in which he was raised and spent, “$400,000 on a college education for his two daughters.”

So what about his opponents?

Republican Chris Christie's income was $446,854. The newspaper says his wife made nearly $300,000 as a bond broker.

Democrat Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine reported a $3.13 million loss and takes only $1 a year from his job as Governor. The article said Corzine did not pay any taxes, but reported a federal tax refund of $125,369. The report added, “Despite his financial losses, Corzine is continuing his normal practice of paying for his campaign almost entirely out of pocket, shelling out more than $15.6 million so far.”


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