Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alan Keyes 2008 Presidential run has more than half a million in debt…

Alan Keyes 2008 Presidential run has more than half a million in debt according to the latest figures on

The report on the Federal Election Commission website says the Keyes campaign still has $505,555 in “Debts Owned”, with the campaign having $20,651 “Cash On Hand.”

Keyes ran for the Republican nomination for President, but left the party. Keyes explored a run for President as the Constitution Party’s candidate. But, he eventually ran as the candidate for America's Independent Party.


Independent candidate for Governor has the most money in the bank…

Independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts has the most money in the bank according to an article on

The article starts saying Republican Charles D. Baker, “raised more than $540,000. But, the highlight is that State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill, who is running as an independent, “raised $223,000 in September… (but) by far (has) the most money in the bank, more than $3 million…”

The story also said incumbent Democrat Governor Deval Patrick “raised more than $600,000 in 2009.”


Editorial: Daggett should keep-up the fight even after the election

An editorial on says Independent News Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett has had many success including getting public financing and participating in the gubernatorial debates, but he still faces a challenge in the ballot box.

The Democrat and Republican get the top two spots in on the ballot, but Daggett’s name will appear “lost in a field of 10 independent and minor-party candidates.

The editorial says that stacking of candidate names is, “…unfair. And it is just one more way that the major parties stack the deck against third parties to preserve their own power.”

Daggett challenged the ballot process in court. The judge decided to not hear the case before the November election, but the editorial calls on Daggett to, “pursue the lawsuit after the election. We hope that challenge proceeds. This issue deserves full consideration by the courts.”

The editorial wraps-up saying the way to get in the top tier is “nearly impossible standard… At the minimum, New Jersey should ensure that any third-party candidate who raises enough money to qualify for public financing get an equal shot at ballot position.”


D.C. looking to Long Island…

D.C. looking to Long Island’s Special Election for New York’s 23rd Congressional District. writers Emily Cadei and Jackie Kucinich write about the three-way race in the special election to replace the new Army Secretary that previously held the seat.

The focus of the story is that Republican selection of the liberal-leaning Dede Scozzafava has formed a split, which could become a schism in the Republican party. Many conservatives were worried about about Scozzafava’s stances, and that is why Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman is getting traction.

Hoffman, who ran for the Republican nomination, is getting support according to the article from, “Citizens United, New York State Right to Life PAC, Susan B. Anthony List and Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families PAC.” Other people and groups have publicly backed Hoffman including the “Club For Growth” and former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson.

With all of this support for Hoffman, Scozzafava is getting support from across the nation. Scozzafava’s campaign told the writers, “that former Govs. Bill Weld of Massachusetts and Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey — two leading moderate Republican voices from the Northeast — will be headlining a New York City fundraiser for Scozzafava, along with new state party Chairman Ed Cox and New York County Chairwoman Jennifer Saul.”

But with all of this battling on the right, Democrats are smelling blood in the water. President Barack Obama will hold a fundraiser for Democratic candidate Bill Owens on October 20th.


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