Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not even officially running, independent tied for lead in Nevada Gubernatorial election…

Not even officially running, an independent is tied for lead in Nevada Gubernatorial election. According to an article written by Ed Vogel on, “Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and former U.S. District Judge Brian Sandoval would be in a dead heat if the 2010 race for governor were held today…”. In a recent poll, both men got 33% of the vote.

Goodman is a registered Democrat, but he has talked openly about running for Nevada Governor as an independent candidate. Sandoval is a Republican. The likely Democrat party backed candidate will be Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid. Reid, the son of United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, would draw about 25 percent of the votes.

The article quotes the managing partner of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. Brad Coker saying the timing may be right for Goodman’s independent run. He said, “Goodman is the wild card in this thing… The Republicans were out of favor at this time last year, and the Democrats are falling out of favor now. People want an independent. Goodman, with his street cred and popularity across party lines, fits right into this race."

The poll also shows if unpopular Governor Jim Gibbons would get the Republican nomination, Mayor Goodman would win the vote by nearly 10%.


Work-out gadget founder running for Governor…

Work-out gadget founder is running for Governor in Oregon. Jerry Wilson, the founder of Soloflex, is running for governor in Oregon. He made this third-party candidacy announcement on his blog “”.

Wilson served on the National Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee in 2004, but is going the independent rout for Governor. He is running as a third-party candidate because of “the failure of both ruling parties to properly manage the public’s business”.

His website says as governor he would, “Establish an Oregon Infrastructure BankPardon all persons convicted in Oregon of victimless crimes his first day in office… Issue an Executive Order to re-empower juries in criminal trials to judge both the LAW and the FACTS of the case…” He will also, “…institute publicly financed elections for all elected offices in the state”.

But possibly the most noteworthy is that Wilson will not accept any contributions for his campaign. Wilson argues, “share (my) website with friends and family. It could virus. If it doesn’t, the ideas expressed here do not merit it.”


Top selling business writer calls independent run for governor “Jersey’s Cinderella story”

Top selling business writer Jeff Jarvis calls independent run for Governor “Jersey’s Cinderella story”.

That comment is from Jeff Jarvis, the writer of the book “What Would Good Do?”. On his blog, Jarvis declared the Chirs Daggett for Governor Campaign is a Cinderella story.

Jarvis writes, “(Daggett is) on the way up and now they think they do have a shot.” A lot of the excitement is because of poll numbers tracking-up and the endorsment from New Jersey’s largest newspaper, the Star-Ledger.

He ends the post with “Full disclosure” writing, “I worked with the Ledger for many years and lent the Daggett’s my Flip camera for (some videos placed on YouTube).”


Endorsement of independent candidate could have violated state rules…

Endorsement of independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett could have violated state rules according to an article by Wally Edge on

At question is the endorsement by the Star-Ledger newspaper. Edge writes, “…state regulations… prohibit debate sponsors from endorsing candidates before the completion of the debate.” The problem arise because the Star-Ledger is one of many sponsors of the up-coming Gubernatorial debate on October 16 at William Paterson University.

So what happens if this is a violation? We’re not sure.


Green’s call for war protest when President Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize….

Green’s call for war protest when President Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize. It’s the call for in a Green Party news release. The news release said Green Party leaders were “puzzled and outraged” over the Nobel Peace Prize award.

The news release, “urged widespread demonstrations against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to take place in Oslo, Washington, and other cities on the day Mr. Obama picks up his prize…”

Greens argued President Obama's willingness to talk with other leaders was not enough to merit the Peace Prize. The National co-chair of the Green Party Craig Thorsen said, "Created a 'new climate in international politics'? This means that the Nobel Prize committee is giving President Obama an award for not being George W. Bush."

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