Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three is a crowd in New Jersey…

Three is a crowd in New Jersey according to Public Policy Polling. Their latest poll in New Jersey shows Independent candidate Chris Daggett getting 13% of the vote.

When you dig deeper into the poll only 47% of Daggett’s 13% said they are absolutely going to vote for him on election day; that would still be better than five percent. If either one of the “major” candidates could add five percent to their vote total they would likely win.

Public Policy Polling says Daggett is likely hurting Republican Chris Christie more than Democrat incumbent Governor Jon Corzine.


The “two- headed, one party system” is ending…

The “two- headed, one party system” is ending is the hope of the Constitution Party.

The party says the number of people that showed-up at the 9/12 protest in Washington, D.C. is proof a Second American Revolution is taking place nationwide.


More people should be elected to the House of Representatives…

More people should be elected to the House of Representatives… that the stance of a lawsuit filed in Federal Court. Eric Zimmerman from the Hill writes, “The problem arises because each state gets at least one representative, regardless of size. So Wyoming, whose population is about 523,000, gets the same power in Congress as Nevada's 3rd district, which has over 900,000 constituents.”

The lawsuit argues the House of Representatives should be increased to 932 or maybe as many as 1761 seats.

So, would this be a good thing for third parties or the county? Our take is yes and we’re not sure.

If third parties would have more opportunities to win elections it would be a positive thing for the parties. The problem is that more house districts would give more opportunities for career politicians to grab hold in their smaller districts and never leave.

So what is best for the county? More opportunities for third parties to get into office, but more chances for psydo life-time appointments for members of Congress. What do you think? Vote on it below.


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