Monday, October 12, 2009

Interesting polling results in New Jersey Gubernatorial race…

Interesting polling results in New Jersey Gubernatorial race according to tweets from Public Policy Polling. In a little teaser of results, Public Policy Polling sent out two tweets previewing their polling results.

One tweet said independent Chris Daggett’s campaign is only costing Republican Chris Christie 2% of the vote. Many people had believed that number was much larger.

A second tweet said “Daggett's voters still aren't very committed to him- 44% compared to 91% for Christie and 88% for Corzine”.

So what are the most important numbers? The votes? We’ll have to wait.

Roundup: Early debate for Illinois Governor…

The election for Illinois next governor is not until 2010, but a group of six candidates gathered Friday to talk about their proposed policies. The debate was organized by the Free & Equal Elections Foundation. Codell Rodriguez of the wrote about the debate. Rodrigues wrote that, “All of the candidates agreed that Springfield isn't working right.” Here are highlights from the independent and third party candidates.

Green Party candidate Rich Whitney of Carbondale was quoted saying, “We've had year after year of smoke and mirrors." The article said Whitney focused on “overhauling the tax system to be more progressive” and education issues.

Independent Michael White of Lindenhurstand, said it is important to keep jobs and businesses in Illinois. He was quoted saying, "We have to get spending under control, no doubt about it."

Constitution Party candidate Randall Stufflebeam of Belleville, said accountability is the key thing missing in government. He said the government needs to be not be afraid of being accountable and pointed to a merit-based pay structure for teachers instead of tenure as once place that accountability could happen.

We do congratulate Republicans Adam Andrzejewski of Hinsdale and Dan Proft of Wheaton, and Democrat Bill "Dock" Walls of Chicago to be willing to sit next to these independent and third party candidates.


After making endorsement, newspaper pulls out of Gubernatorial debate…

After making endorsement, newspaper pulls out of Gubernatorial debate. Wally Edge writes on, “The Star-Ledger will not participate in Friday's gubernatorial debate after violating a state regulation that prohibits debate sponsors from endorsing candidates before the completion of the debate. The newspaper endorsed independent Christopher Daggett on Sunday.

Because of the endorsement Star-Ledger reporter Tom Moran will no longer be on the panel questioning the candidates.

Edge continues to write, “The other partners in the debate, William Paterson University, The Record, the Herald News, WOR-TV, WTXF-TV, and Fox News, are discussing possible replacements for Moran.”


Could the Democratic candidate for NYC Mayor “pull a Daggett” on Bloomberg in debate?

Independent candidate and incumbent New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is running with lead for re-elections. Most polls show Bloomberg with a lead in the double digits versus Democratic candidate and City Comptroller Bill Thompson.

In fact many people have said this race is all but over, but today the New York Times “City Room” blog says that may not be true. The mayor and the comptroller debate on Tuesday and that debate could swing the race into a whole new light.

The New York Times writers Michael Barbaro and David W. Chen argue Independent Mayor Bloomberg could have a “Daggett” pulled on him.

It would be a major reversal of who is running as an independent, but Barbaro and Chen write, “Mr. Thompson needs to deliver a strong performance to overcome both a sizable gap in the polls and a lopsided disadvantage in financial resources against the billionaire mayor. After all, it was a sterling debate performance by Christopher J. Daggett, an independent running for governor in New Jersey, that suddenly raised his profile and helped him earn the surprising endorsement of the state’s largest newspaper, The Star-Ledger of Newark.”

So can Thompson “pull a Daggett”? We’ll see tomorrow night.


New York Times praising Chris Daggett…

New York Times praising independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett in a new article titled, “Independent Candidate Stirs Up the Governor’s Race in New Jersey”.

The Daggett campaign was once again given the Cinderella moniker at the start of the article written by David M. Halbfinger.

He later writes, “Mr. Daggett’s dry talk of substance has filled an enormous vacuum. Mr. Corzine, elected on a promise to use his Wall Street savvy to fix the state’s fiscal problems, instead swung and missed on several big initiatives… Meanwhile, Mr. Christie squandered a huge advantage in the polls by refusing to say how he would fix the state’s vexing problems… Mr. Daggett’s rivals have said so little about how they would tackle New Jersey’s taxes, deficits and unemployment that Mr. Daggett is being greeted at times like a Jimmy Stewart character in a Frank Capra film.”

The article quoted a New Jersey Democrat that had never head of Daggett prior to the October 1st Gubernatorial debate. Now 12-days later, she has four Daggett campaign signs at her home.


SHOCK! Independent American Party registers more new members than GOP in Nevada

Independent American Party registers more new members than GOP in Nevada from February 2009 to September 2009. writer David McGrath Schwartz writes about new registration numbers from the Nevada Secretary of State.

The Independent American Party is still in fourth place in total registration behind Democrats, Republican and Non-Partisans. But, from February 2009 to September 2009 the Independent American Party grew more than the Republicans in new registration, 1690 – 1549. In that same time period there were 4,860 new registered Democrats and 3,783 registered Non-Partisans.


NBC political guru scratching head over newspaper backing Daggett…

NBC political guru Chuck Todd is scratching his head over a newspaper backing independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett.

In Monday morning tweets Todd writes, “NJ GOV indie candidate gets Newark Star-Ledger endorsement. As good as endorsing Corzine? Maybe. As Buffalo Springfield said... …"there's something happenin' out here, what it is ain't exactly clear."


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