Sunday, November 8, 2009

Libertarian to make official announcement for Iowa Governor…

Libertarian to make official announcement for Iowa Governor on Wednesday, November 11. A news release from the Eric Cooper for Governor campaign says Eric Cooper of Ames and Nick Weltha of Des Moines have filed papers to form an exploratory committee for Governor and Lt. Governor of Iowa.

Cooper, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Iowa State University, said in the release, “We think that our candidacy will provide an alternative to the major parties for Iowa citizens who want a smaller government.”

But a win is not their real goal. Cooper said, “Our goal in this election is to get at least 2% of the vote which would give the Libertarian Party major party status under Iowa law. We also hope to draw enough support away from the major parties to encourage them to poach our issues in order to steal our voters.”

The issues are: the legalization of marijuana in Iowa, greater school choice, and repealing the Iowa fireworks ban.

Pollina inching closer to Gubernatorial run…

Anthony Pollina is apparently inching closer to running for Governor of Vermont. Kristin Carlson writes on, “Pollina says he's considering several options including running for governor in the Democratic primary. It would avoid a split of the liberal vote and he says he's in a good position coming off the last election.”

In the last election Pollina came in second place in the race for Governor besting the Democratic candidate.

Pollina was quoted saying, “Without a doubt it would be difficult to run in the Democratic primary, but as you know over the years one of the things I've tried to do more than anything else is find ways to bring Democrats and Progressives and independents together.”

Carlson ender her story writing, “…officials at the Vermont Democratic party say… if (Pollina) wants to run in their primary it will be up to Democratic voters to decide if they can support someone who has been critical of the Democratic Party.”


Lieberman says Fort Hood shootings needs investigation – could be considered terrorism

Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman says the Fort Hood shootings needs investigation and could be considered terrorism. reports, “Sen. Joseph Lieberman… intends to launch a Senate committee hearing on whether the Fort Hood shootings were a terrorist act and if the Army should have taken pre-emptive steps due to reported signs of Islamic extremism by the suspected gunman.”’s Bridget Johnson quotes Lieberman saying, “It's premature to reach conclusions about what motivated (Major Nidal Malik Hasan)… If (it’s true Hasan had turned to radical Islam) then this was a terrorist act.”


Political Handicapper: NY23 still a toss-up…

Political Handicapper “The Rothenberg Political Report” shows the 2010 New York 23rd Congressional as a toss-up seat. They say, “…(the victory was) good news for Democrats… But the dynamic that helped Owens win- including a divided Republican Party- can't be ignored and aren't likely to be replicated again.”

We find the race to become even more of a toss-up when a major newspaper in the District takes a swipe at Owens for “(Breaking) 4 Campaign Promsises in first hours in Congress”.

Also Doug Hoffman appeared to be a lock to win the election with this Third Party run and grassroots support. Then the Republican establishment got involved, took out ads, and unintentional submarined Hoffman’s campaign.

The Thirds calls this race a “head-scratcher” too.


Newspaper focuses on candidate's Town Hall pledge…

Newspaper focuses on Florida Whig candidate’s pledge to hold town hall meetings every month. Town Hall Meeting should not seem like a shocking campaign point for congress, but Matt Dixon on writes about Paul McKain’s campaign for Congress.

He quote McKain, ““I have broken the district into four sections… I will hold a town hall in each section each month or in Washington if I am there, and broadcast it district-wide.”

McKain is running for Florida’s 2nd Congressional District. Representative Allen Boyd current holds the seat, but faces a primary challenge from Al Lawson. There are also three Republicans running for the seat.


The Tea Party is now a party in…

The Tea Party is now a party in Florida. David Donald writes on, “Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning certified the Tea Party as an official minor political party.”

The Tea Party joins 31 other minor political parties certified by the state.

There had formerly been a “Boston Tea Party” recognized by the State of Florida but that party is no longer listed by the Florida Secretary of States office.


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