Friday, September 18, 2009

Former Reform Party House candidate is found shot dead…

Former Reform Party House candidate is found shot dead in his home. is reporting Lance Goebel was found shot to death in his home. According to the report, the Will County, Illinois Sheriff’s Office believes Goebel’s nephew shot Goebel in a domestic dispute.

In 1996 Goebel ran for the U.S. House of Representatives on the Reform Party ticket in Illinois.


The ballot is not fair…

The ballot is not fair is the claim from two Gubernatorial candidates and five voters in New Jersey. Libertarian Candidate Kenneth R. Kaplin joined major independent candidate Chris Daggett’s suit.

According to the article on, “(The suit) charges it is unfair for the Republican and Democratic parties to automatically get the two top spots on ballots in the general election.”

The article explains New Jersey gives the first spots on the ballot to the ‘official’ major parties, and then has a second tier of candidates listed after the major parties.


“Dr. Abolish” for Senate…

“Dr. Abolish” for Senate… is the call of Michael Beitler. He’s running for Senate in 2010 from North Carolina, seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination.

In a news release Beitler said, “The time has come to abolish entire Federal programs and agencies.” Because of his stand on abolishing programs and agencies, he wants to be known as “Dr. Abolish” in the Senate.


States are the solution to health care problems…

States are the solution to health care problems argues Peter Tharaldson on the Independence Party of Minnesota’s website. Tharaldson argues that Canada is trying to decentralize it health care to the provinces and the European Union is keeping health care run by the individual countries.

Tharadlson says, “I believe that the federal government should stay out of it. The primary reason is the 10th amendment...but the reason for the 10th amendment is that there are things the states can do better than the federal government.“


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