Friday, October 9, 2009

Hoffman getting attacks from the GOP…

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate in the special election for the 23rd Congressional District, is getting attacks from the GOP.

When was the last time the Republican’s took time to attack a third party candidate? They are worried about Hoffman’s candidacy, or are they just scared that their hand-picked candidate Dede Scozzafava is actually a week candidate?

The National Republican Congressional Committee has a new video ad questioning Hoffman’s conservative credentials on civil unions and government bailouts. They also even question if Hoffman lives in the Congressional District that he is running to represent.


NY GOP Chair: Conservatives should not support Hoffman

In an interview with Nathan Brown on the, the New Republican New York Party Chairman spoke about the part split on over the 23rd Congressional District’s special election. Doug Hoffman is running for the seat on the Conservative Party ticket after not getting the Republican nomination.

Chairman Ed Cox said the biggest issues that Conservatives have over Dede Scozzafava is social issues. He argued that in this current economic climate people who agree fiscally should stick together, “The social issues are not the biggest issues now… The biggest issues are economic issues. And that's around the country."

Cox also added there is room for different views in the party and Scozzafava can connect with union voters.


Lieutenant Governor Debate highlights…

The running-mate of Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett debated the other two “major party” Lt. Governor candidates.

The reviews were rather even, but writers did mention Independent Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Frank Esposito got a few one-liners in the debate.

The Associated Press’ Angela Delli Santi in wrote, “Esposito, a college dean, marveled at the negative campaign, pointing a finger at both parties. ‘New Jerseyans are sick of this partisan game,’ he said as the audience cheered.

Derek Harper on highlighted Esposito saying, "This campaign, between the two major parties, has focused on all kinds of distractions, and that's wrong. We have serious problems. We have serious business to deal with in New Jersey."

The Gubernatorial candidates were all in the audience.


Americans should be extremely proud of the president’s peace prize…

Americans should be extremely proud of the president’s Nobel Peace Prize is the take from Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

In a news release placed on Senator Sanders Senate website, the Senator said, “Americans should be extremely proud that we now have a president who is restoring respect and admiration for our country around the globe… the United States must play a leadership role in bringing the international community together against our common enemies of war, terrorism, poverty, AIDS and global warming. The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama is a show of support for his efforts in that direction.”


Name ID skyrocketing for Daggett…

Name ID skyrocketing is for Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chirs Daggett. A new poll from Neighborhood Research shows Chris Daggett has an 82% name ID in New Jersey; that number is up from 44% in August.

While Daggett’s name ID is climbing, voters still do not have much a view of Daggett. The poll shows only 25% of people have a favorable, unfavorable, or mix view of the Independent Candidate.

The memo on the polls declares “THE DAGGETT VOTE IS REAL, AT LEAST FOR NOW”. The poll says, “Among those people voting for Daggett, the Independent is an
amazing 91-0 favorable. This is significant because the Daggett vote is not a ‘protest’ vote against the other two candidates but a positive affirmation of their candidate.”

With 75% percent of people that still have no opinion of Daggett, there is plenty of opportunity, but will there be plenty of time?


Three third party/independent candidates for Governor in six-way debate…

Three third party/independent candidates for Governor in six-way debate tonight in Illinois. The Free & Equal Elections Foundation is hosting an Illinois Gubernatorial debate at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds. calls the debate part of, “part of the Midwest Liberty Fest.”

The candidates include Green Party Candidate Rich Whitney, Constitution Party Candidate Randall Stufflebeam, Independent Candidate Michael White.

Major party candidates include Republicans Adam Andrzejewski and Dan Proft. Democrat Bill “Dock” Walls, III is also in the debate.


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee doing the dirty work for Conservative Party candidate…

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is doing the dirty work for Conservative Party candidate with a new attack ad. The DCCC has a new attack advertisement featuring Republican Dede Scozzafava. In this add Scozzafava is labels as “Another Albany Politician”, “Voting for special corporate tax breaks”, “Voted for more taxes or fees 190 times”, “Looking Out for Herself”.

This attack ad sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is actually a lot of why Doug Hoffman decided to run on the Conservative Party’s ticket.

Scozzafava is now feeling similar criticism from the right by the Conservative Party and the left from Democrats.


Hoffman going positive…

Hoffman going positive with his advertising campaign. Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman’s first television a will be a positive, “introductory spot touting Hoffman’s fiscally conservative values”.

According to an article on written by Emily Cadei, the campaign had originally planned to run an attack ad on Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava. The ad was going to feature an Elvis impersonator drawing the comparison that Scozzafava is trying to impersonate a conservative. That Elvis add is on the internet, but it will not hit televisions.

The campaign may be leaving the negatives to others. The anti-tax “Club for Growth” political action committee has spent more than a quarter million dollars questioning the tax stands of both the Republican and Democratic candidate in the race.

The special elections is to replace Republican Rep. John M. McHugh, who is now Secretary of the Army.


Daggett appeals across nearly all demographics…

Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial Chris Daggett appeals acorss nearly all demographics. He gets even support across most demographics in a new SurveyUSA poll. The overall results of the polls shows Daggett getting 14% of the vote. The leader in the poll is Republican challenger Chris Christie 43%, slightly ahead of Incumbent Democrat Jon Corzie 40%.

The interesting thing is how the demographics show Daggett has the ability to climb across the board. The poll broke down voters by gender, age, race, party affiliation, ideology, biggest issue, college graduate, income level, 2008 Presidential Vote, favorite NFL Team, Bruce Springsteen fan, region of New Jersey.

Daggett is getting even polling numbers across nearly all of demographics. Blacks are voting for the Democrat by an 80% margin. The only other results are slightly lower than his overall totals are people that believe Jobs or the Economy is the number one issue in the Gubernatorial election.

The other candidates have distinct weaknesses in some areas, especially region of New Jersey and all partisan questions. Even the question of favorite NFL team and Bruce Springsteen fans have leans towards certain candidate.


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