Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You have to read this one…

You have to read this one… wow! got a hold of an e-mail exchange between the scheduler/office manager for Democratic Representative Jim McDermott from Washington and somebody that probably did not like being on the receiving end of an e-mail tirade.

Scheduler/Office Manager Elizabeth Becton made it very clear in a series of e-mails that she does not like the nickname “Liz”. We also learned Don’t-call-me-Liz Becton does not like people leaving messages for her, and we did learn she is human – she used the bathroom.

Go to the source address below to see the whole thing.



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Senator: National Education Association spreading misinformation…

Senator: National Education Association (NEA) spreading misinformation… and it needs to be corrected. Independent Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut came to the defense of the District of Columbia Opportunity Scholarship Program.

The Senator said a letter sent by the National Education Association to U.S. Senators on the Armed Services Committee had misinformation in it.

In a letter sent to Senators, Senator Leiberman said "My purpose in sending (the) letter was to correct misinformation on the effectiveness of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program."

The letter from the NEA was in an attempt to stop the renewal of scholarship programs for District of Columbia students and proposed scholarship programs for military families to attend private schools.


Senator: Sign the Petition for…

Senator: Sign the Petition for… single-payer health care.

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is asking people to sign a petition for single-payer (nationalized) health care that is posted on his Senate website.

A page on his website asking people to sign the petition reads, “Our current private health insurance system is the most costly, wasteful, complicated and bureaucratic in the world. Today, 46 million people have no health insurance. Even more are underinsured with high deductibles and co-payments… The time is now to take on the powerful special interests in the insurance and pharmaceutical industries and pass a single-payer national health care program."

Senator Sanders also sent out an e-mail news letter from his Senate e-mail account asking people to sign the petition.


Third party candidate wins in a write in…

Third party candidate wins in a write in… according to a new blog post from Libertarian Communications head Donny Ferguson.

The Libertarian Party of Washington County (Oregon)’s Vice-Chair, Steve Pearson, was elected to Cedar Park Middle School Local School Committee. Ferguson says Pearson won as a write-in candidate.


Libertarians taking three swings at Obama care…

Libertarians taking three swings at Obama care… in separate news releases and blogs.

In a news release, Libertarian National Committee Chairman William Redpath said, "There is no question our health care system is broken and in need of serious reform. Americans deserve health care that is affordable, effective and universally available. However, President Obama’s $1 trillion government takeover of hospitals and doctor’s offices is not the answer.” The news release ended saying, “It is no coincidence that America’s health care system, once the best in the world, has become more unaffordable and ineffective as government has seeped further and further into it.”

The two blog posts from the Libertarian Communication head Donny Ferguson blogs about “the cost of free health care”. He mentions in one blog post, "The 10-year cost of reform could approach $2 trillion if the projections are made from the date that proposals are fully implemented.”

The other blog post calls the accounting for nationalized enron-like. The blog post says, “ditching the estimates prepared by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office and replacing them with the nunbers prepared by the politically-appointed White House Office of Management and Budget…” are similar to accounting techniques the Ken Lay and Enron used to cook the books and fool investors.


Constitution Party wishes good luck for another party…

Constitution Party wishes good luck for another party… the Alaskan Independence Party.

At their Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Newark, New Jersey the Constitution Party offered a congratulations to the Alaskan Independence Party on it’s 25th Anniversary.

The committee ended its congratulations resolution by saying, “we wish you continued success in the next twenty five years and trust that your best days are yet to come.”


Constitution Party takes a stand on Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court…

Constitution Party takes a stand on Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme CourtNo!

The Constitution Party National Committee took an offical stand against Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court of the United States of America and, “urges the US Senate to reject confirmation.”

The Constitution Party said they were against Judge Sotomayor to become a Justice because of six reasons: The reason include her 2nd amendment stands, her favoring statehood for Puerto Rico, her supports of giving voting rights to convicted murderers who are still serving time in prison, her opposition to the death penalty, that she has been a member of the National Council of La Raza, and her support of racial and ethnic quotas in education and employment.

It was one of four resolutions passed at the Constitution Party National Committee Meeting in Newark.


Libertarians want you to help Iran protestors in one easy way…

Libertarians want you to help Iran protestors in one easy way… change your Twitter time to Tehran time. In a tweet sent out by “@LPNational” it said “Help hide protestors: change your Twitter location to Tehran, to time +3:30 GMT, to confuse Iranian security forces.”

Iranians are commutating with each other via Twitter in post election protests.


Get back to work…

Get back to work… is the message to New York State Senators from the Working Families Party.

In a news release Working Families Party Executive Directo Dan Cantor said, “After a week of distractions, State Senators from both sides of the aisle have an opportunity to put aside partisan differences and get back to work. The power-sharing proposal put forward by Senate Democrats is a sensible response to the even split that has emerged between the two parties.”

Republican-led coalition along with upset democrats forced the current leadership out of power and deadlocked the state Senate.


Monday, June 15, 2009

West Virginia getting help from Texas…

West Virginia getting help from Texas… to grow the party.

The Libertarian Party of West Virginia has called in support from Texas to get help in getting candidates on ballots. Wes Benedict, the Former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas, has written a letter to West Virginia Libertarians about ballot access and candidate recruitment.

He writes of having a goal of 10 Libertarian candidates on the November 2010 ballot in West Virginia. The letter mentions last Libertarian Party candidate on the West Virginia ran candidates for office was Michael Badnarik’s 2004 President campaign. Bob Barr failed to get onto the 2008 ballot.

Benedict ends the letter, “I can’t guarantee that they’ll be successful or that nothing will go wrong. I’m in Texas, not West Virginia. However, I do hope that others will recognize that Matt Harris and the LPWV are showing initiative and making things happen…” He also asked for donations to help in ballot access efforts.


Television is a wastleland…

Television is a wastleland… that’s the take in a recent e-mail rant from Ralph Nader. The former Presidential Candidate writes about it not be that big of a deal if your television lost it’s signal due to the digital transition. Here is Mister Nader’s e-mail criticism of television:

“At twelve noon on June 12, 2009, the end of analog television’s era was also when I let my set go dark. The last declaration I saw was that there were about three million of us disconnected but, no worry, we can still order the “converter box” to bring all those programs back to our living rooms.
“Going dark on tv was not that hard—at least for a while. My recent memories had too many “yuks” and too few “harks”.
“President John F. Kennedy’s chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Newton Minow, shocked a broadcast industry audience when he called television a “vast wasteland”. That was in 1961!
“Had he not mellowed as a corporate lawyer with a lucrative practice, what would Newton Minow say today? What is the superlative of “vast wasteland”?

“Television today—over the air and cable—with the usual exceptions, could empty the dictionary of disparaging adjectives. Some times slots—such as daily afternoon talk-entertainment shows—are so bad, so sadomasochistic and exploitive, that they escape the media critics. Why would Tom Shales—the insightful Washington Post critic who writes like a dream—want to apply his talented eye to shows that invoke the Latin phrase “res ipsa louitur”: the thing speaks for itself?
“On weekends, the shows swing from the slick infomercials, pushing cutlery and real estate wealth, to sports that become duller play by play—especially golf—to the Sunday morning news program where evasions of predictable questions run on and on.
“Then there are the second-rate movie reruns, the insipid sitcom shows, so dependent on canned laughter, the dramas, so spilt-second violent that they eliminate any kind of memorable suspense.
“The early and late local evening news needs psychoanalysts. Repetition may be economical for it requires fewer reporters.
“The thirty minutes of the late local news is composed of roughly nine minutes of ads, four minutes of sports, four obsessive minutes of four weather segments, the usual openings with street crimes or fires, the customary animal story and half minute of contrived, spontaneous chit-chat between the anchors and the rest—the abbreviated rest—is what can be called news.
“One local DC station once had the temerity to try vainly distinguishing itself from the sameness of its competitors by the slogan “no chit chat, no fluff”.
“So little time is left for news that most news is not covered—not in the neighborhoods, not in city hall or the courts, not in business, labor, schools, or civic activity or achievement.

“Missing so much reality by allocating lots of time for local news and wasting so much of it takes the label of those “Reality Shows” to the level of ironic satire.

”How much reality would there be without C-Span—that lonely tribute to the public intellect and engagement? Over ninety percent of television is entertainment or advertisements—mostly low grade even for those willing to inhabit bad taste.

“I just saw an auto ad on the news for Kia with hamsters driving and occupying the front seat.
“The public air waves belong to the people. They are the owners and the television stations are the tenants. Guess what? Since the beginning of television broadcasting, these lucrative stations have paid no rent. It is a rent free way to mint money under the guidance of a supine Federal Communications Commission and a Congress frightened of the power of the broadcast industry.
“Gone are the regulatory expressions of the 1934 statutory standard—namely “the public interest, convenience and necessity”—binding television stations to a level of public responsibility.

“Gone is the worthy requirement for each station to ascertain the public’s information needs in an annual public report to the FCC. There is no more fairness doctrine or right of reply. FCC station license renewals proceedings are not as frequent as they were thirty years ago.
“Some valuable shows manage to get through the “vast wasteland” and make money. Among them are 60 Minutes (CBS) and the Simpsons (FOX). Non-profit public television has the Bill Moyers Journal. The nature and history shows on some cable channels bear occasional attention.
“By and large, however, getting through the noise, hoping to find snippets of interest in otherwise flat and formulaic programs, and having to endure the densely-packed relentless advertisements and product placements, and not knowing whether a news segment is canned from an industry consultant, invites a vacation from an already limited resort to my TV.

“There are so many other things to do and learn and evoke than watching screens.”

Let the 2010 campaign begin on…

Let the 2010 campaign begin on… July 23rd, 2009.

The Green Party Annual National Meeting is the last week of June, and in an e-mail the Green Party says, “2010 campaigns will kick off (at the convention).”

The Greens e-mail encourages any Green Party member that wants to run for, “county, state, or federal office in 2010” to attend the event. The party is holding workshops on how to get media attention, promoting candidates on the Internet, best practices on door-to-door canvassing and how Green Party candidates can work together.

The Green Party meeting will be in Durham, North Carolina from July 23rd-26th.

Green Party e-mail

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gas prices not making sense, so…

Gas prices not making sense, so… Senator Bernie Sanders wants new legislation.

A news release from the Senator’s Office says, “U.S. oil consumption is expected to go down by one million barrels a day compared to last year. Meanwhile, the supply of oil in the U.S. is higher today than it was 37 years ago. The fundamentals of supply and demand do not explain why gas prices have gone up 44 days in a row and why oil prices have more than doubled in the past four months.”

In the release the Independent Senator from Vermont blames speculators, “for gaming world energy markets.” Senator Sanders introduced a bill allowing federal regulators invoke emergency powers to stop speculation.

The release states, “Sanders’ legislation would direct the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to stop sudden or unreasonable fluctuations or unwarranted changes in prices.”

Another release from the Senator’s office quotes the Senator Sanders saying, “The last thing people need now is to be ripped off at the gas pump because speculators on Wall Street -- some of the same people who received the largest taxpayer bailout in U.S. history -- are allowed to jack up oil prices through price manipulation and outright fraud.”


Two thirds parties could have a major impact…

Two thirds parties could have a major impact… in the 2010 Minnesota Gubernatorial race.

A column written by Blois Olson on points out “Third-party influence” in the race for governor. The column of course points to the 1998 election of Jesse Ventura on the Independence Party ticket.

Olson says, “DFLers (Minnesota’s version of Democrats) grumble that the IP candidates' vote totals were a major factor in their nominees losing those races.” In the two gubernatorial elections since Ventura’s one term in office Independence Party candidates pulled in 16.1% and 6.4% of the vote.

That number could even be higher in 2010 for an Independent Party ticket. In the hotly contested Senatorial race between Senator Norm Coleman and Al Franken, former Senator Dean Barkley won about 15% of the vote.

Olson’s commentary does not end with Minnesota’s own Independence Party. He writes the Green Party and the Libertarian Party could play factors.

Olson believes the Libertarian Party has the chance to play a large factor if, “(the Republican) Ron Paul faction is dissatisfied with the way it's treated by Republicans or is unhappy with the GOP-endorsed candidate.”

Go libertarian for office...

Go libertarian for office... in Indiana.

The Indiana Libertarians are tweeting out a link asking people to run for office. The link goes to a form where people can explain “What office would you like to run for and why?

The form also asks basic contact information and which issues are the most important to the prospective candidates.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working Families Party backs…

Working Families Party backs… Byron Brown for Mayor of Buffalo.

A report on says the Working Families Party endorsed Byron Brown for Mayor of Buffalo in this year's Democratic Primary election.

The artice says Working Families Party Party Chairperson Samuel G. Williams claims, “Brown garnered 3302 votes on the working families line when he ran for office four years ago…. (the party has) grown considerably (in the past four years)."

The article posted by Rachel Kingston says Common Council member Mickey Kearns is challenging challenge Brown.


Pot goes to the top...

Pot goes to the top... of the Rhode Island Governor’s Desk.

Libertarian Director of Communications Donny Ferguson blogs about the Rhode Island Senate and House passing what he wrote the law that would allow “compassion centers" to sell medical marijuana.

Governor Donald Carcieri vetoed a similar bill last year. But the vote passing both house of the legislature by huge margins, “(it) suggest a veto will be overrridden this year by the required three-fifths majorities,” bloged Ferguson.

If it becomes law, Rhode Islands would be the third state in the country to approve medical marijuana. The state would be the first east coast state to pass such a bill.


It shows more need…

It shows more need… for reform in the New York Senate.

The Green Party of New York says the “Coup” in the New York Senate shows need for reform in the state. It was in a news release dated Wednesday, June 10th.

The Green Party called for immediate overhaul of Legislative procedures and electoral reform. Greenwich Mayor David Doonan said in a news release, "Real reform would require… decrease (in) leadership power by allowing bills to come to a debate and vote without leadership approval - something that is commonplace in most parliaments around the world.”

Doonan proposed, “Pork and earmarks should be banned from bills and replaced with a state bank that provides low-interest loans to municipalities.” Doonan also pitched for public financing of elections.


No endorsement…

No endorsement… of Judge Sotomayor after a meeting with Senator Joe Lieberman.

The Independent Democrat said in a June 10th news release after meeting with the Supreme Court nominee, “I was struck by her wealth of experience, her depth of knowledge of the law, and her appreciation for the role of a judge.”

But the words in the news release stopped short of saying Senator Lieberman will vote for the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor. The news release ended saying, “I... look forward to learning more about Judge Sotomayor."


Secrets are not nice...

Secrets are not nice... that’s the word from Senator Bernie Sanders.

He says in a news release from Wednesday June 10th the report by the Federal Reserve on aid to banks, investment firms and other financial institutions was “completely insufficient”.

The independent Senator from Vermont said, “Today's report is completely insufficient. It is time for the Fed to name names. The American people have a right to know who received more than $2 trillion in loans from the Fed… This money does not belong to the Fed. It belongs to the American people,”

The Senator called into question what big banks, Obama administration and the Fed are doing with the money. Senator Sanders said in the release, “Are these banks paying back TARP funds to the Treasury Department today, while receiving secret loans from the Fed tomorrow? As long as the Fed keeps this information secret, we will never know.”


No photos please…

No photos please… is the request from Senator Joe Lieberman. The Independent Democrat is asking for the “Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act” to pass Congress. The bill would stop the release of photos of American troops abusing detainees.

Senator Lieberman in a joint news release with South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said, "The President has said that the release of the photos of detainees in US custody would 'put our troops and civilians serving our nation abroad in greater danger.' We agree with the Commander in Chief… The release of the photos will serve as propaganda and recruiting tool for terrorists who seek to attack American citizens at home and abroad.”

In a news conference with Senator Lieberman, Senator Graham said the two Senators would stop funding of the war effort in a filibuster if the bill does not pass.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

145% more…

145% more… volunteers for the National Libertarian Party. It was just one tweet, but it spoke volumes. The LPNational (the National Libertarian Party twitter account) sent out a tweet Tuesday, June 9th saying, “LP National Volunteers up 145% Go LP National Outreach team!!!”

There’s no word in the Tweet up from when.

But trends of more people calling themselves independent in the recent few months mean more people are becoming targets for these new LP volunteers.


Third parties are no longer a waste of time…

Third parties are no longer a waste of time… is the take from Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer. In a news release from the party he’s quoted saying, “Voters used to think they’d be wasting their votes by voting for a third party candidate… Those days appear to be over.”

His comments were in response to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s talk on voters looking beyond the “Big Box” parties of Democrats and Republicans.

Clymer said, “I ask those wondering about the third party option how long they think it will take to get the kind of government they believe in, if they keep voting for people who won’t support their views.” The news release added that Republicans are now free for the taking because they no longer have to support their candidate in the White House.

With more independent voters available Clymer says, “2012 is up for grabs!


We don't want a good candidate...

We don't want a good candidate... that could be the take of the Vermont Progressive Party in the up coming Gubernatorial election.

According to a story on, Vermont Democratic State Senator Doug Racine is going to be running in the Democratic primary for Governor against a number of other people. If State Senator Racine does not win the primary he may be looking at running as a Progressive.

Racine has been talking to the Progressive Party. The article written by Peter Hirschfeld says Racine has been speaking at state Progressive Party committee meeting in an attempt to line up support.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The article quotes the head of the Vermont Progressive Party Morgan Daybell, saying two-way race in 2010 the best scenario for Democrats and Progressives alike. He's quoted saying, "Obviously, a two-person contest is better." So if the Democrats choose a candidate the could be viable for the Governor’s Office, Progressives may back off running a strong candidate.

Daybell’s quote continues, "In 2007 and 2008, (Progressive candidate Anthony Pollina's) attempts to reach out to Democrats was all part of a strategy to make it a two-way race in the absence of any strong Democratic candidate willing to run. How that plays out in 2010 I don't know yet."


Go Green for office...

Go Green for office... the call is out in Illinois for people to run for office in 2010. The Illinois Greens want to double their number of candidates from 2008. The Greens had 56 candidates in Illinois for the 2008 election.

The Illinois Green Party is asking for people around the state to consider a run for office in 2010.

A posting on their website says they want to find candidates for, "every partisan race in the state, including U.S. Senator, Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and State Comptroller; all 19 U.S. House seats; 20 Illinois Senate seats; all 118 Illinois House seats; and hundreds of county-level office, including County Clerk, County Treasurer, and County Sheriff in most counties, and about half of all County Board seats across the state."

The Party's goal is to have a candidate in every statewide race, nearly every congressional race plus, "at least 20% of all state legislative races, and dozens of candidates for county office."


Friday, June 5, 2009

Member of grunge band Nirvana "running" for office...

Member of grunge band Nirvana "running" for office... kind of. A number of media reports says Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has filed to run for county clerk in Wahkiakim County, Washington (hundreds according to Google News). He's running on the "Grange Party" ticket. Doesn't sound familiar? It shouldn't it does not exist.

The Washington Post reports that Novoselic's run for office is a publicity stunt. One that's working. The publicity is to get attention for a Washington State law that allows candidates to file for whatever party they wish run under even fictitious parties. He's quoted in the Post article saying, "It's complicated. It confuses voters and it disenfranchises voters. And we should think about a settlement that speaks to the needs and values of Washington voters."

The report says Novoselic does not want to win, and even plans to vote for the incumbent. He'll resign if he wins.


Another Whig is on...

Another Whig is on... the ballot. The second Modern Whig Party candidate to run for office has made it official.

Gene L. Baldassari qualified to run for New Jersey Assembly in the 14th Legislative District. He has become "New Jersey’s first candidate on the Modern Whig Party".

Paul C. McKain, who is running for Congress from Florida, became the first Modern Whig candidate ever.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Horning going South...

Horning going South... to Texas. The Indianapolis Business Journal is reporting that the Libertarian Party of Indiana “stalwart” Andy Horning is leaving the state. He’s moving to Texas for a job – there’s no word on what job.

The report says Horning ran for Indianapolis mayor in 1999 and Indiana governor in 2000 and 2008. The report added, “In addition to mayor and governor, Horning also unsuccessfully ran for state representative in District 96 in 1996, Marion Countyrecorder in 1998, and for U.S. Congress in the 7th District in 2002, all under the Libertarian banner.”

Horning received 57,376 votes, more than 2 percent, in last year’s gubernatorial election.


10 Independent/Third Party candidates qualify for NJ Governor’s race…

10 Independent/Third Party candidates qualify for NJ Governor’s race… that’s the report from

The report says one of those independents expects to get public matching funds for the election. Christopher J. Daggett, a former Department of Environmental Protection commissioner according to a line from the report claims to be, “close to raising enough money to qualify for public matching funds, which would give him cash and a spot in official televised debates.”

Daggett is running under the "Independent for NJ” party.

Also running for the office are:
David R. Meiswinkle of the "Middle Class Empowerment" party.
Kostas Petris of the "For The People” party.
Joshua Leinsdorf running on the "Fair Election Party" ticket.
Gary T. Steele holds the "Leadership, Independence, Vision" ticket nod.
Jason Cullen will have "People Not Politics" next to his name.
Kenneth R. Kaplan is the "Libertarian Party" candidate.
Gregory Pason is the "Socialist Party USA" candidate.
Gary Stein is labeled is "Independent."
Alvin Lindsay Jr. has a pretty clear party, "Lindsay for Governor."

Gov. Jon Corzine is the Democrat candidate and the Republican is Chris Christie.


Nationalized health care from states...

Nationalized health care from states... that’s the first step that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wants in the path towards nationalized health care.

In his May 29th newsletter Senator Sanders mentions his legislation for states to create universal health care pilot programs. The Senator said, “The quickest route toward a national health care program will be when individual states go forward and demonstrate that universal and non-profit health care works."

The newsletter says the Senator’s legislation allows five states to be picked for the five-year-long pilot program. The states would receive grants to pay for the program.


Green Party, Libertarians, and Constitution Party team-up...

Green Party, Libertarians, and Constitution Party team-up... The Green Party sent out a news release saying the three major third parties are teaming-up to file a federal lawsuit to challenge discriminatory provisions and enforcement of ballot access laws.

The news release says, "The Green Party of Pennsylvania is party to a lawsuit that was filed recently by the Center for Competitive Democracy."

The lawsuit challenges rules that force candidates to pay litigation costs and fees to private parties who challenge their nomination petitions. The release says, "these fees have amounted to more $80,000 for the crime of doing no more than trying to run for public office."

The news release pointed to 2006 Green Party Senatorial candidate Carl Romanelli. The release says Romanelli submitted more than 100,000 signatures to get on the ballot, “The Democratic Party challenged the signatures, and after a 7-week battle, chipped away at the Green Party signatures with technicality after technicality.” Romanelli was off the ballot and fined $80,000 in court costs. "You shouldn't have to risk house and home to run for office in Pennsylvania," said Hillary Kane, Chair of the Green Party of Pennsylvania. The release continued, “similar scenario left Independent candidate Ralph Nader… with more than $80,000 in fees from their 2004 Presidential run.”


Republicans and Democrats are to blame...

Republicans and Democrats are to blame... for ban on Gay Marriage in California according to the California Green Party. In a news release the California Green Party called it a "sad day (when) a state moves backward instead of forward towards justice and equality.”

That was the reaction after Proposition Eight in California was upheld. The Green Party, which has supported same-sex marriages since its inception.

The news release quoted Green Party member Alex Walker saying Republicans got the measure on the ballot but, “Democrats let Prop. 8 win because, as is often the case, they lacked the guts to fight for unpopular minorities."

Starlene Rankin, the Lavender Green Caucus co-chair said, "The decision goes against our country's core values of liberty and justice and it will be overturned.” Rankin said Greens are planning for a new vote on the gay marriage issue.


GM will fail...

GM will fail... that's the take from Wayne Allyn Root. The 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate says there is no reason to expect General Motors will be successful.

Root writes, "Government loses money at virtually everything it does and touches." Root pointed to Social Security, Medicare, and Education.

He then highlights the train systems. “Government took over Amtrak in the same way it took over GM, promising a quick return to profitability,” Root wrote. He continued, “Amtrak bleeds losses every year for the U.S. taxpayer. In 1970 when Amtrak was founded, $300 million was approved by Congress to run it. The government predicted profitability within 5 years. That was 39 years and over $30 billion dollars in losses ago! “

What Root calls his “clincher” argument is prostitution. Root points to the well known and profitable Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada. Root wirtes, “(the Ranch’s owner) was indicted for tax evasion, escaped to Brazil, and is still today a fugitive from justice. The U.S. government took over the Mustang Ranch. The most successful and profitable brothel in America went bankrupt in one year under government management. That ladies and gentleman, no matter how you feel about brothels, tells you all you need to know about the ability of government to run a business.”


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