Thursday, September 24, 2009

Was that an endorsement or just being nice?

Was that an endorsement or just being nice? It’s a question from Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire. The headline for one of their stories was, “Gore Endorses Bloomberg?

The article quotes former Vice President Al Gore talking about Incumbent Independent New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is up for re-election in less than two months. The city’s Democrats recently endorsed New York City Comptroller William Thompson.

The former Vice President said, “…I'm proud to endorse the leadership and the actions the Mayor Bloomberg has been taking for quite a long time on (the environment) and this is just another example of that… I try to stay out of the partisan races, but I'm very proud of Mike Bloomberg's leadership, I really am. I'm not just saying it… (Mike Bloomberg’s leadership) is the real deal."

So was that an endorsement of the candidate, or just the candidate’s work?


A lot of terror related news today. Elections are important. Parties are important. What is the right party for you?

A lot of terror related news today. Elections are important. Parties are important. What is the right party for you?

Here is the terror related stories from Thursday, September 24, 2009.

*Men taking photos in the Philadelphia Subway system, they leave prior to Police arriving.

*Feds: Afghan immigrant who received explosives training from al-Qaida purchased quantities of hydrogen peroxide and nail-polish remover in a plot to build bombs for attacks. The man was also a shuttle driver at the Denver airport,

*Man arrested trying to bomb Dallas building. Alleged bomber wanted to be a “soldier” for Islam.

*Illinois man arrest, accused of trying to bomb Federal building. He allegedly wanted to fight Israelis.

*Prosecutors: Terror suspects wanted to attack a Marine base in Virginia. Seven men are awaiting trial, an eighth suspect is believed to be in Pakistan.

Bloom on the Bloomberg campaign…

Bloom on the Bloomberg campaign after a new Quinnipiac University poll. A poll on the New York City Mayoral election of likely voters shows Incumbent Independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg getting 52% of the vote.

The Democratic candidate, New York City Comptroller William Thompson, is showing 36% in the poll. Conservative Party candidate Stephen Christopher was firmly in the single didgets polling at 1%. Nine percent of the voters are still undecided.

Bloomberg showed popularity across the entire city, polling at or above 47% in every borough.


Palin For President, as a Libertarian?

Palin For President, as a Libertarian? It is the topic of a column by Phil Manger on

The last part of first paragraph sums-up the article, “we libertarians — at long last — may have found in former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a Presidential candidate who is both acceptable and electable.”

Manger’s arguments of Palin include: She resonates with Middle Americans, She is libertarian on the issues that matter most, People pay attention to what she says, Palin is a true "Teflon candidate", Ron Paul is not available.

He sees a few faults in Palin including: She's a little too close to the neocons, I'm not sure of her views on civil liberties, Palin may not want to be President.

Manger wraps-up saying Sarah Palin’s husband Todd being a member a former member of the Alaskan Independence Party could be favorable for a Libertarian run.


I may not help my party…

I may not help my party is the word coming from Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

According to the Huffington Post article by Sam Stein, “(Senator Ben Nelson) is not committed to helping his party block a Republican filibuster on health care legislation.”

Senator Nelson has been a skeptic of the public option for insurance coverage.

Now, with a possible 60-vote majority for the Democrats (if Paul Kirk is sworn-in) they can vote for cloture. The cloture vote would allow as simple majority rule vote on any bill.


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