Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Minnesota’s major third party thinking about making two big changes…

Minnesota’s major third party may make two big changes at their November state delegate meeting.

The Minnesota Independence party will be discussing if the party should allow the state organization and candidates to accept PAC money. Governor Pawlenty eliminated the Minnesota Political Contribution Refund and Independence Party leaders believe that will make it more difficult to raise money.

The party may also end the practice of cross-endorsing candidates from other political parties.

Big name, small bank account for Rhode Island independent Gubernatorial candidate…

Big name, small bank account for Rhode Island independent Gubernatorial Lincoln Chafee. While Chafee has not officially announced his run, he is likely running unless something strange happens.
Steve Peoples on ProJo.com writes that former Republican Senator turned independent Lincoln Chafee has only “$180,000 in his account, which includes a personal loan of $60,000.” That is compared with two democratic candidates that have significantly more money.

Pollster Victor Profughi told Peoples it is too early to name a frontrunner, “Lincoln Chafee has muddied the waters considerably. But at this point, his fundraising has been excruciatingly slow. He hasn’t taken off the way I thought and other people thought he might.”

But Chafee may not be the only major independent candidate. The article says, “Moderate Party Chairwoman Christine Hunsinger confirmed last week that her organization was courting a ‘prominent former public official’” for her party.


Hoffman’s opponents head to Washington for campaign money…

Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman will not be paying a visit to Washington D.C. like his rivals for the 23rd Congressional District special election to get campaign cash. Mark Weiner writes on Syracuse.com, “..both Republican Dede Scozzafava and Democrat Bill Owens will be rubbing elbows with their party's elite at big-donor fundraisers in Washington, D.C.

This week Republicans will host a reception for Scozzafava, same goes for Democrats and their candidate Bill Owens.

But, it is not like Hoffman is not getting extra money from Washington. The conservative leaning Club for Growth, based in Washington, sponsored $250,000 in television ads attacking both Scozzafava and Owens.


Fellow independent candidate attacks Daggett…

Fellow independent candidate attacks independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett. Matt Friedman writes on PolitickerNJ.com that independent candidate Jason Cullen attacked Daggett calling him a “product of the Republican Party… (who is) playing a great game of deception with the voters of New Jersey.” He said Daggett tax plan will not work.

According to the article, “(Cullen) has raised $2,547 so far for his gubernatorial race and has $838 on hand.”


President may campaign in two races with strong third party candidates…

ABC News’s Jake Tapper tweeted out today that some time may be carved out in President Obama’s schedule and may campaign in New Jersey and New York.

Our take, it's likely if the President goes into "campaign mode" in those states he would focus on the New Jersey Gubernatorial race, and the special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

In the New Jersey race, independent candidate Chris Daggett is polling in the teens and by all accounts gaining ground. In the New York special election, Doug Hoffman is running as the Conservative Party candidate and showing-up in the high teens or low twenties in polling.

If President Obama can rally Democrats in those areas, victory is very possible for the Democrats in New York’s 23rd Congressional District and New Jersey.

There is also a mayoral race in New York that the President has lent some support towards the Democratic candidate. It is not likely the President will give much time to this race physically unless the Democratic challenger New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson whips-up on Independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg in this week's debate. Mayor Bloomberg has supported a number of President Obama's policies and is enjoying a nearly 20-point lead in recent polling.

NOTE: Thank you to Jake Tapper for the clarification tweets.


“health care bill is extremely weak…”

The “health care bill is extremely weak”, is the word from Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. In a statement on the Senator’s Senate website he said the health care bill, “does not include a public option, which the American people overwhelmingly want. It does not make health care as affordable as it must be.

Senator Sanders argues that senators must do more work to make the bill cover more aspects of health care.


Daggett is being attacked in a radio ad, that’s proof he’s a contender…

Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett is being attacked in a new radio ad. That’s proof he’s a contender in the race for Governor.

The Republican Governor’s association took out radio attack ads bashing both Incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine and Daggett, plus promoting Republican challenger Chris Christie.

The ad rips Daggett on his tax plans. Here is the portion of the ad that focuses on Daggett: "So what about Chris Daggett? He's been in the news… The Daggett plan sounds like the Corzine plan… but worse. Toll increase, massive sales tax increases. Independent sources confirm Daggett actually wants to tax you for getting your hair cut, your dry cleaning -- you name it. Newspapers say Daggett property tax scheme is pretty much the same thing that Corzine cooked-up… and that was disaster.”

You think the Republicans are scared of Daggett? Or could it be “worse”?


Nader rips President Obama calling him "very disappointing" and "a frightened man”

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader said he is not happy with President Obama. The Nader described President Obama’s first months in office as "very disappointing."

His disappointment came from what he called Obama lack of willingness to take on corporations, calling him “a frightened man." He also compares the Obama foreign policy as being too close to President Bush’s policy with “better speeches".

The consumer advocate say the President has not help the people that help him get into office.


Bloomberg leads in nearly all demographics…

Independent Incumbent New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg leads in nearly all demographics in a new poll released by Survey USA. In the overall numbers Bloomberg got 55% of the vote, Democratic challenger NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson with 38%, 7% are still undecided.

The biggest positive for Bloomberg is he only trails in the Black and Asian/Other voters. Bloomberg won in White and Hispanic voters. Bloomberg is also leading or is tied in all gender, age, ideological, college educated, income and borough demographics. Bloomberg even has a nine-point lead from Democratic voters.


Lieberman saying no to Baucus health bill…

Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is saying no to the Baucus health care bill that passed the Senate Finance Committee. Michael O’Brien writes on TheHill.com, “the Connecticut independent is one of a handful of key Senate centrists who are shaping the fate of health reform this year.”
Lieberman says he could not support the bill the way it is formed right now due to concerns of a taxes hike on insurance companies, which would be passed on to consumers. O’Brien quotes Senator Lieberman on Fox Business’ Imus in the Morning Show, "I'm afraid that in the end the Baucus bill is actually going to raise the price of insurance for most of the people in the country.”

Lieberman said this plan cannot work in the current economy.


CBS News interviews Chris Daggett live on-line…

CBS News interviewed Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett on their on-line “Washington Unplugged” web show. The interview conducted by Nancy Cordes focused on two main topics, can Daggett win and should people vote for Daggett.

When Cordes asked Daggett if a vote for him is a wasted voted Daggett responded, “The only wasted vote this year, is a vote for politics as usual.” Again questioned if Daggett could be a “spoiler” for the Republican Chris Christie Daggett said, “The only thing I’m going to spoil is the election night party of my opponents, because I’m going to win…”

Cordes also wanted to know if Daggett believes there is a now a serious third party movement growing in the United States. Daggett said he see signs of a viable third party, but what he really sees is an “independent wave” around the country of people not happy with Democrats and Republicans, but not necessary a single third-party option forming or growing to prominence.

One more note. Nancy Cordes was talking about other third party or independents that have won gubernatorial elections. Cordes mention Wisconsin Governor Jesse Ventura. Ventura was Minnesota’s Governor, not Wisconsin’s.

Nearly ¼ of New Jersey sees Daggett as “Unfavorable”, and that’s great news for his campaign (maybe)…

Nearly ¼ of New Jersey sees Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chirs Daggett as “Unfavorable”, and that’s great news for his campaign (maybe). Daggett is polling in low teens in first poll partly conducted after Star-Ledger endorsement.

Public Policy Polling surveyed “571 likely New Jersey voters from October 9th to 12th”. The New Jersey Star-Ledger endorsed Daggett on it website on Friday October 10th. The coverage of the endorsement got some notice over the weekend, but many voters may not have learned of the endorsement until the last portion of the polling.

In the most important question, “If the election was today, who would you vote for?”, showed Republican challenger Chirs Christie with 40%, Incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine at 39% and Chris Daggett at 13%. Eight percent of people still said they are undecided.

But what could be a strange happy negative is that 24% of people polled see Daggett as “Unfavorable”. While candidates running for political office do not want any unfavorable rating, this shows that people in the Garden State are now learning about Daggett. The poll showed that 30% see Daggett as “Favorable”, 24% as “Unfavorable” and 46% still “Not Sure”. A 24% unfavorable rating is much better than the other candidates. Even if Daggett’s “unfavorables” would double, he would be in a statical tie with with Chris Christie for “unfavorable” ratings and still have better unfavorables than Governor Jon Corzine by nearly 10-points.

Also, the poll results showed Daggett supporters lean toward Chris Christie as a second choice, but only 48% of the time, so the arguments that Daggett is stealing votes from Christie and helping Governor Corzie may be slightly true, but not a huge margin as some people believe.


Lieberman to lead ending of “don’t ask, don’t tell”…

Lieberman to lead ending of “don’t ask, don’t tell” according to Kerry Eleveld writing on the Advocate.com. Elevard wrote a spokesman for Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, “confirmed that the senator had been speaking to the White House about the bill.” Senator Lieberman’s press secretary said the Senator, “...has opposed [don’t ask don’t tell] since it was first proposed in 1993.”

The article says, “Lieberman is generally seen as a strong candidate for carrying the bill given his position on the Armed Services Committee and his strong engagement with the military.”

The article also says Senator Lieberman may try and get one of the liberal Republican Senators from Maine to co-sponsor the bill.


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