Monday, October 5, 2009

Independent for Congress passes $100k in fundraising….

Independent for Congress passes $100k in fundraising in New Mexico. In a news release sent from the Adam Kokesh for Congress Campaign they announced they have raised more than, “$100,000 in their first reporting period.”

The campaign was extremely proud of the victory because, “This campaign has raised more in the first reporting period than any republican in an entire primary since this seat was last held by a Republican in 1998.” The campaign reports have not officially been posted on

Kokesh is running as an Independent. He has been endorsed by the Modern Whig Party and Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.


Whig Party candidate is the first third party candidate to be listed on for third quarter...

Of all of the third party and independent candidates running for Federal office in 2010, Paul McKain comes in first. He is the first to be listed in for report fundraising in the third quarter of 2009.

Paul McKain, running under the Modern Whig Party banner for Florida’s Third Congressional District, has $9,346 cash on hand.

McKain is the first person to ever run for any office under the Modern Whig Party banner.


Washington Times: Doug Hoffman is the barometer for 2010

Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman’s race for special election, to replace new army secretary John M. McHugh, will show both political parties the real effects of the tea party movement. That’s the claim from the Washington Times.

The analysis article written by Kara Rowland starts, “The prospect of a tea-party effect has both parties eyeing next month's special election in upstate New York.” Rowland explains candidate Hoffman’s message as, “simple: no more bailouts, no more tax increases and no more trillion-dollar deficits.”

The article then focus on how endorsements in this race “cut across party lines”. The House Republican leadership, along with the Republican Party's campaign arms, and the liberal-leaning Daily Kos blog are backing Dede Scozzafava. But, the Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has former Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson, the conservative Club for Growth, and website

The article wraps-up with a quote from the founder of the local Upstate New York Tea Party, Mark Barie. Barie said he loved Hoffman’s response at a town hall meeting with Scozzafava, “Look at me, I am not a politician, I can't do the banter like a seasoned professional can; I'm just like you — I'm a father, I'm a grandfather, I'm a businessman, I'm a CPA, and this doesn't make sense.


Chris Daggett interview on FOX Philadelphia starts with praise from Corzine & Christie

Chris Daggett interview on FOX Philadelphia starts with praise from Corzine & Christie. Independent Candidate for New Jersey Governor is interviewed on FOX Philadelphia’s “Good Day” show.

The interview started with sound bites from the first Gubernatorial debate from Governor Corzine and Republican candidate Chris Christie praising Daggett.

When asked could he really win this election Daggett said, “it's very possible".


$100k+ for independent Congressional candidate…

$100k+ for independent Congressional candidate Adam Kokesh in the last quarter of fundraising.

Kokesh, is running for New Mexico’s Third Congressional District, against incumbent Democrat Ben R. Lujan. The Kokesh campaign was trying to pass the $100,000 fundraising goal before October 1st, and it looks like they did it.

Campaign website blog says, “Just in the nick of time, we had a $1000 donation come through which put us over the top, with minutes to spare! We had over 250 donors come through in the last two days of this push, and the average donation was less than $100.”


Professor to run for Iowa Governor…

A professor to run for Iowa Governor according An article written by Mike Malloy says, “Eric Cooper, an Iowa State University associate professor in psychology and neuroscience, will run for governor next fall as a Libertarian.”

Maybe we can call Malloy an honest politician, in the second paragraph of the article Malloy says, “I’m not going to win.

Malloy says his goal is to finish third and receiving at least two percent of the vote. If Malloy can accomplish that, the Libertarian Party would not have to petition or get signatures to be on the ballot in future elections.

Being idealist Cooper said, “If a third party can on a regular basis get a fairly substantial percentage of the vote, it tempts the major parties to start poaching their issues to get their voters. That’s what I hope happens with us.”

Cooper has run for office before, and has lost every time. Last year he received 20.5% of the vote against Democratic state representative Lisa Heddens. In that race there was no Republican candidate. In three-way Cooper has not topped the 4% mark.

Iowa’s last gubernatorial election, the Libertarian candidate received less than one percent of the vote and finish in fourth place.


Green Party candidate is ready to run in Illinois again…

Green Party candidate is ready to run in Illinois again, Sheldon Schafer is going for Congress again.

John Sharp and Karen McDonald write on Sheldon Schafer, “completed petitions this weekend to run for the 20-county seat he lost last year.”

Shafer was hammered in the 2010 election for Illinois' 18th Congressional District getting just 3% of the vote. Falling to the Republican (59%) and Democrat (38%).

But the article says Shafer is not disappointed by the results he is quoted saying, “"It's a long-term goal to try and create a third-party presence in the state. I certainly believe in the Green Party. You don't just walk away when you have a long-term goal… We went to all of this effort to create a campaign organization and planned to use it a second time for sure."


Business website gives Daggett credit…

Business website gives Daggett credit for, “coming up with a plan to put air in the state’s claustrophobic business climate.”

The editorial from the staff stops short of endorsing Dagget and in fact questions Daggett saying, “it’s tough to imagine anyone excited about paying sales tax on a summer rental.”

But the editorial digs into both the Democrat and Republican. It’s last sentence is, “Now, if only his opponents would take a break from slinging mud to develop plans of their own, companies and residents might consider keeping their New Jersey address past Election Day.”


“How the Demopublicans Have Rigged the System and Left Independents Out in the Cold”

“Not Invited to the Party: How the Demopublicans Have Rigged the System and Left Independents Out in the Cold,” is the name of a new book about the struggles of thirds parties.

The Editorial Review on explains the book as, “James Bennett examines the history and array of laws, regulations, subsidies and programs that benefit the two major parties and discourage even the possibility of a serious challenge to the Democrat-Republican duopoly.”

According to the review, the book focuses on the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971.

The book written by James T. Bennett is set to be release on October 13, 2009.


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