Friday, November 13, 2009

Nader for Senate?

Nader for Senate? Could Ralph Nader run for Senate in Connecticut? There is a possibility.

Glenn Thrush writes on a number of people are asking Ralph Nader to for the Senate against incumbent Democrat Chris Dodd in 2010. Nader is a registered as a voter in Connecticut. Nader was quoted saying, “You can't believe the number of people of asking me [to run].”

Thrush writes, “Nader's entry as a third party candidate would be terrible news for Dodd, who is hoping to energize his liberal base in possible match-ups against GOP challengers Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon, who lead him in public polls.”

Thrush later added Nader is focused on reforms, not “electoral politics”. Even with that said, Nader has not made a decision on the Senate race.

Independent Senator: Keep terror suspects out of U.S. courts

Today Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman said terror suspects should be kept out of the United States courts.

In a news release Senator Lieberman said, “The terrorists who planned, participated in, and aided the September 11, 2001 attacks are war criminals, not common criminals. Not only are these individuals not common criminals but war criminals, they are also not American citizens entitled to all the constitutional rights American citizens have in our federal courts… (they) should therefore be tried by military commission rather than in civilian courts in the United States."

Senator Lieberman’s statement continued to say, “It is inconceivable that we would bring these alleged terrorists back to New York for trial, to the scene of the carnage they created eight years ago, and give them a platform to mock the suffering of their victims and the victims' families, and rally their followers to continue waging jihad against America.”


Colorado Congressional candidate to announce candidacy on Twitter…

Colorado Congressional candidate Rob McNealy will announce his candidacy on Twitter. McNealy will run for the 6th Congressional District in Colorado on the Libertarian Party ticket. Representative Mike Coffman was first elected to the seat in 2008. This is the seat vacated by former Representative Tom Tancredo as he ran for President.
A news release from the Colorado Libertarians says, “Aurora community activist, entrepreneur, and social media expert Rob McNealy, will announce his candidacy for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, live on the social media platform Twitter, during a launch ceremony that will be held at the South Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce on December 3rd at 6:30 PM.”

McNealy has more than 140,000 followers on Twitter and that is why the announcement will be made on Twitter. McNealy was quoted saying, “I have a great community on Twitter, and I thought they should be the first to know.”


Third Party candidate waiting….

The Green Party candidate for Illinois Governor is waiting. Steve Rhodes writes on, “While the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor duke it out… Green Party candidate Rich Whitney lies in wait.

The article says a win for Whitney would be unlikely, but in 2006 he did receive 10.4% of the vote. Even with that showing, Rhodes writes, “it will likely just be the Democratic nominee standing in the way (of Whitney debating).

Whitney makes for an even more interesting candidate because his has traditionally “conservative” positions on gun control, differing from the Illinois Green Party platform.


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