Friday, April 24, 2015

Report: Split at the top of Massachusetts' United Independent Party

A report from the Massachusetts State House News Service says two running mates whose campaign produced a new political party, the United Independent Party, have parted ways.

Andy Metzger reports Evan Falchuk, who garnered 3.3% of the November 2014 vote for governor, is no longer working with his running mate Angus Jennings.

Jennings suggested in the report that party has become more about Falchuk than the cause.

Falchuk said the party has been holding regular organizing meetings, has registered 2,300 members, and will have candidates for local office.

Libertarian blog comes out against "Top Two" voting

A Libertarian Party blog post came out against a "Top-Two" primary ballot initiative in Florida.
The plan would move the top two vote-getters in what is effectively an open primary to the general election.  No matter what party the top two candidates belong to, they will advance to the general election and would be the only two candidates on the General Election ballot.
The blog post says the practice, "severely damages the chances for alternative parties and independents to participate in the general election, except where seats are uncontested."
Currently, California and Washington have "Top Two" elections. 

Mississippi Libertarian to run for Lt. Governor

The Mississippi Libertarian Party will have one statewide candidate in the 2015 Mississippi General Election.  Ron Williams will be running for Lieutenant Governor.

The party will have three candidates running for the legislature, two candidates for Senate and one candidate for House.  The Mississippi Libertarians will also have five local level candidates.
In a news release state party chair Mario Barnes said, "We are running 8 candidates this year for various positions... This is more than double our previous high mark.  It is commensurate with the growth the MSLP is seeing in membership, participation and influence." 

Pot is banned... so let's ban alcohol!

State Representative Chris Pearson of the Vermont Progressive Party is floating a bill to ban alcohol.  He told Erin Mansfield in the Bennington Banner the move is symbolic to protest "stalled efforts" to legalize marijuana.
Penalties would be up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine.  Pearson told Mansfield, "P
rohibiting the sale and possession of alcohol is a laughable... [use the] same logic we use to consider the continued prohibition of marijuana."

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We're back.

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