Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Could a visit to a Congressman help the Conservative Party?

Could a visit to a Congressman help the Conservative Party? A short article on written by Aaron Blake simply mentions one Congressional candidate stopped by Capitol Hill and made an impromtu visit to a Congressman.

Republican backed Dede Scozzafava tried to visit Democrat Rep. Scott Murphy, Murphy was not in his office so they did not see each other. This seems like not very noteworthy, but it could be.

Conservatives in New York’s 23rd Congressional District could see Scozzafava’s visit to Democrat be just another sign that she is a Republican in name only. Scozzafava has been rated as liberal from her votes in Albany, and also has more liberal stands on a number of issues.

Doug Hoffman, who battled Scozzafava for the Republican nod is now the Conservative Party candidate, and according to a poll from the conservative Club For Growth, Hoffman is in a statical three-way tie for the seat. Could this visit swing more conservative votes from Republican Party to Conservative Party?

The election is slated for November 3rd, but there could be a court challenge to move the date. The election is due to Representative John McHugh is becoming President Obama’s secretary of the Army.


Newspaper: Military members may be disenfranchised in congressional vote.

A report on focuses on New York Governor David Paterson’s decision to have the special election for the New York 23rd Congressional District on November 3rd.

The report by Mark Weiner says, “(this) will likely disenfranchise thousands of military voters deployed overseas, a former top U.S. Justice Department official said Tuesday.”

Weiner’s article says the 35-day window before the election, “makes it impossible for overseas ballots to be printed, mailed and returned in time to be counted, said Hans A. von Spakovsky, who enforced the federal Voting Rights Act at the Justice Department.”

Von Spakovsky said 7,000 soldiers from the district are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The lack of military votes could significantly hurt Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. A poll released September 24th by the conservative Club For Growth shows Hoffman in a statical three-way tie for the seat.


To know Daggett is to vote for Daggett…

To know Daggett is to vote for Daggett according to an article on Bill Pascoe wrote about a new Quinnipiac University Poll and potential great news for Independent Candidate Chris Daggett.

The bad news in the poll is that 84-percent of people in New Jersey still don't know enough about Daggett form an opinion. But even with that number 12-percent of people in the poll released today said they would vote for Daggett.

This polling data shows that nearly everybody that knows about Daggett has decied to vote for the Independent. Bill Pascoe wrote, "That's a rate virtually unheard of in campaigns." Tomorrow the first New Jersey Gubernatorial debate will take place, and that means a lot more exposure for Daggett and according to the trend in this poll, many more votes.

Another big piece of good news in this poll for Daggett is 41-percent of likely voters in New Jersey said taxes is the most important campaign issue. Only Daggett has come-out with a bold plan to tackle taxes in the Garden State.


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