Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Could a visit to a Congressman help the Conservative Party?

Could a visit to a Congressman help the Conservative Party? A short article on written by Aaron Blake simply mentions one Congressional candidate stopped by Capitol Hill and made an impromtu visit to a Congressman.

Republican backed Dede Scozzafava tried to visit Democrat Rep. Scott Murphy, Murphy was not in his office so they did not see each other. This seems like not very noteworthy, but it could be.

Conservatives in New York’s 23rd Congressional District could see Scozzafava’s visit to Democrat be just another sign that she is a Republican in name only. Scozzafava has been rated as liberal from her votes in Albany, and also has more liberal stands on a number of issues.

Doug Hoffman, who battled Scozzafava for the Republican nod is now the Conservative Party candidate, and according to a poll from the conservative Club For Growth, Hoffman is in a statical three-way tie for the seat. Could this visit swing more conservative votes from Republican Party to Conservative Party?

The election is slated for November 3rd, but there could be a court challenge to move the date. The election is due to Representative John McHugh is becoming President Obama’s secretary of the Army.


Newspaper: Military members may be disenfranchised in congressional vote.

A report on focuses on New York Governor David Paterson’s decision to have the special election for the New York 23rd Congressional District on November 3rd.

The report by Mark Weiner says, “(this) will likely disenfranchise thousands of military voters deployed overseas, a former top U.S. Justice Department official said Tuesday.”

Weiner’s article says the 35-day window before the election, “makes it impossible for overseas ballots to be printed, mailed and returned in time to be counted, said Hans A. von Spakovsky, who enforced the federal Voting Rights Act at the Justice Department.”

Von Spakovsky said 7,000 soldiers from the district are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The lack of military votes could significantly hurt Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. A poll released September 24th by the conservative Club For Growth shows Hoffman in a statical three-way tie for the seat.


To know Daggett is to vote for Daggett…

To know Daggett is to vote for Daggett according to an article on Bill Pascoe wrote about a new Quinnipiac University Poll and potential great news for Independent Candidate Chris Daggett.

The bad news in the poll is that 84-percent of people in New Jersey still don't know enough about Daggett form an opinion. But even with that number 12-percent of people in the poll released today said they would vote for Daggett.

This polling data shows that nearly everybody that knows about Daggett has decied to vote for the Independent. Bill Pascoe wrote, "That's a rate virtually unheard of in campaigns." Tomorrow the first New Jersey Gubernatorial debate will take place, and that means a lot more exposure for Daggett and according to the trend in this poll, many more votes.

Another big piece of good news in this poll for Daggett is 41-percent of likely voters in New Jersey said taxes is the most important campaign issue. Only Daggett has come-out with a bold plan to tackle taxes in the Garden State.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NJ Independent gubernatorial candidate pitches more and capped taxes…

New Jersey Independent gubernatorial candidate pitches more and capped taxes in a plan just released. Max Piarro, writing for, explained Chris Daggett plan as, “Trying to run up the middle between two main party adversaries…”.

His running-up-the-middle-plan tax plan looks at a number of taxes. According to the article Daggett plans to extend, “the state's existing 7% sales tax to a greater range of personal, professional and household services.” But the most important part of his plan is to restructure the state’s property tax system. The plan would, “translate into a 25% property tax cut to all New Jersey homeowners to a maximum of $2,500.

The article quoted Patrick Murray of Monmouth University describing Daggett's proposal as potentially "a game changer."

The first Gubernatorial debate takes place on October 1st, just one full day after Daggett’s announcement. What will Democrat Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chis Christie have to say about this plan with only one evening and one full day before the debate, if they say anything?


Media questions endorsement of Conservative Party candidate…

Media questions endorsement of Conservative Party candidate in the New York 23rd Congressional seat. MSNBC’s “First Read” column questions if the conservative Club for Growth's backing of Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman could end-up in having the Democrat win the seat due to the right splitting it's votes.

The Republican Party endorsed candidate is Dede Scozzafava. Scozzafava was dubbed a “socially moderate/liberal GOP” in the “First Read” column.

But, Hoffman is not the only person with Third Party involvment. That's were the concerns start, The New York State Independence Party is backing Scozzafava. The Independence backing may be fine with most conservatives, but many conservatives are concerned with Scozzafava connections to the liberal and ACORN-connected Working Families Party.


Joe Kennedy gets more notice…

Joe Kennedy gets more notice in his run for Senate. The “non-related” Kennedy is running for Senate to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

Boston station WBZ’s story was featured on Kennedy has also been mentioned in other places like here at The_Thirds and the Boston Hearld.

Kennedy, a Libertarian, is running as an Independent.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Newspaper: Working Families Party tied to investigation of “forged and fraudulent absentee ballots” is reporting that, "Dozens of forged and fraudulent absentee ballots from people registered to vote on the Working Families Party line were filed in the Sept. 15 primary elections in Troy."

The report continued to say, "Many of the questionable ballots were filed under the names of students and people who live in government-subsidized housing and other downtown areas."

The Working Families Party has close ties to the group ACORN that has come under fire for questionable, possibly fraudulent and possibly criminal activities. The Co-chair of the Working Families Parties is Bertha Lewis, ACORN’s Executive Director.


Ex-Ohio Communist Party leader advances to general election…

Ex-Ohio Communist Party leader advances to the general election for Cleveland City Council. An article posted on says former Ohio Communist Party chairman Rick Nagin has advanced in the primary for the Cleveland City Council’s 14th Ward. Nagin is now a registered Democrat.

The article quotes Nagin saying, "My philosophical outlook is to stand up for working people… If elected, I would work not only very hard for my constituents but be a voice for organized labor."

The City Council race is non-partisan.

He faces off against Brian Cummins, who the article says is both a Democratic & Green Party member.

The two beat out five candidates for the seat including the incumbent.


From birth to campaign…

From birth to campaign are the subjects of a long article on featuring a New Jersey Independent Gubernatorial candidate. Michael Symons wrote a long piece on Chris Daggett.

The story starts with Daggett meeting with former Maine Independent Governor Angus King to get advice on his run for Governor. The article then focuses on Daggett's political career, beliefs, political donations, private career and yes even touches on his childhood.

It’s a good read to learn about the man.


Connecticut newspaper gives a lot of time to independents & third parties…

Connecticut newspaper gives a lot of time to independents & third parties. The Greenwich Time gave writer Frank Juilano a lot column inches to breakdown the independents and third parties in Connecticut.

The article at least once (many in the last paragraph) mentioned every registered third party in Connecticut.


Thirds party says it can rescue the worst state in the nation...

Thirds party says it can rescue the worst state in the nation for business. The Moderate Party of Rhode Island say the Forbes magazine’s rank of best and worse states for business is proof there needs to be a change in the state. Rhode Island came in last for states to conduct business.

The Moderate Party’s news release wrapped-up by saying, “Rhode Island can prosper and convert our current economic downward spiral into strong growth, an increasing tax base and a more educated work force. All we need to do is fix our current political dysfunction.

Moderates say Rhode Island difficult for business for a number of reasons including,“burdens (that) run the gamut from outrageous licensing fees to byzantine rules for tradesmen working in industries with a large unionized work force.”


Libertarian gets notice in Massachusetts Senate race…

Libertarian gets notice in Massachusetts Senate race, mostly because of his name. An article posted on gives six paragraphs to Independent Senate Candidate Joe Kennedy.

Kennedy, who is not related to the late-Senator, is getting attention because of his name.

The article describes Kennedy as, “…the choice for voters fed up with wealthy Democrats and Republicans fighting with each other, while ignoring the common folk who put them in power.”


Getting ready for the debate…

Getting ready for the debate watching parties. New Jersey Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Daggett is encouraging his supporters to organize debate-watching parties.

The first gubernatorial candidate debate will be October First.

The debate watching parties are also a fundraising effort. According to his website the Daggett team will, “be giving away tickets to the second NJ Debate to the group that can raise the most money for the DFG campaign! “


Friday, September 25, 2009

"If I feel that I'll be the best Governor the state ever had…”

"If I feel that I'll be the best Governor the state ever had, I'll probably run,” is a quote from Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman. In an interview with KVBC he hinted at a run for Governor of Nevada, but would not say for sure.

In the interview posted on Goodman said, “…I'd like to run as a non-partisan because I like being a non-partisan mayor. I think it's a wonderful thing when you don't have to get involved in party politics."

The article says Goodman knows the run for Governor would be tough as an independent, but he’s up for a challenge. In April of 2007, Mayor Goodman was re-elected to a third and final term, receiving 83 percent of the votes.


A new party is close to getting on the ballot…

A new party is close to getting on the ballot in Rhode Island. is reporting, “The Moderate Party of Rhode Island says it has enough signatures to get on the ballot.”

The report says officials with the Rhode Island Board of Elections are certifying the signatures. Party officials claimed to have just under 34,000 signatures, more than the 23,500 needed to place its candidates on the ballot.


Ron Paul rallying a crowd at the University of…

Ron Paul rallying a crowd at the University of Minnesota. The libertarian and Republican lawmaker from Texas headed-up Interstate 35 to Minneapolis for a speech.

The article from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune started, “If you think speeches attacking the U.S. Federal Reserve couldn't excite a Friday night crowd on a college campus, think again.”

Congressman Paul spoke to the crowed with Republican Representative Michelle Bachmann.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Was that an endorsement or just being nice?

Was that an endorsement or just being nice? It’s a question from Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire. The headline for one of their stories was, “Gore Endorses Bloomberg?

The article quotes former Vice President Al Gore talking about Incumbent Independent New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is up for re-election in less than two months. The city’s Democrats recently endorsed New York City Comptroller William Thompson.

The former Vice President said, “…I'm proud to endorse the leadership and the actions the Mayor Bloomberg has been taking for quite a long time on (the environment) and this is just another example of that… I try to stay out of the partisan races, but I'm very proud of Mike Bloomberg's leadership, I really am. I'm not just saying it… (Mike Bloomberg’s leadership) is the real deal."

So was that an endorsement of the candidate, or just the candidate’s work?


A lot of terror related news today. Elections are important. Parties are important. What is the right party for you?

A lot of terror related news today. Elections are important. Parties are important. What is the right party for you?

Here is the terror related stories from Thursday, September 24, 2009.

*Men taking photos in the Philadelphia Subway system, they leave prior to Police arriving.

*Feds: Afghan immigrant who received explosives training from al-Qaida purchased quantities of hydrogen peroxide and nail-polish remover in a plot to build bombs for attacks. The man was also a shuttle driver at the Denver airport,

*Man arrested trying to bomb Dallas building. Alleged bomber wanted to be a “soldier” for Islam.

*Illinois man arrest, accused of trying to bomb Federal building. He allegedly wanted to fight Israelis.

*Prosecutors: Terror suspects wanted to attack a Marine base in Virginia. Seven men are awaiting trial, an eighth suspect is believed to be in Pakistan.

Bloom on the Bloomberg campaign…

Bloom on the Bloomberg campaign after a new Quinnipiac University poll. A poll on the New York City Mayoral election of likely voters shows Incumbent Independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg getting 52% of the vote.

The Democratic candidate, New York City Comptroller William Thompson, is showing 36% in the poll. Conservative Party candidate Stephen Christopher was firmly in the single didgets polling at 1%. Nine percent of the voters are still undecided.

Bloomberg showed popularity across the entire city, polling at or above 47% in every borough.


Palin For President, as a Libertarian?

Palin For President, as a Libertarian? It is the topic of a column by Phil Manger on

The last part of first paragraph sums-up the article, “we libertarians — at long last — may have found in former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a Presidential candidate who is both acceptable and electable.”

Manger’s arguments of Palin include: She resonates with Middle Americans, She is libertarian on the issues that matter most, People pay attention to what she says, Palin is a true "Teflon candidate", Ron Paul is not available.

He sees a few faults in Palin including: She's a little too close to the neocons, I'm not sure of her views on civil liberties, Palin may not want to be President.

Manger wraps-up saying Sarah Palin’s husband Todd being a member a former member of the Alaskan Independence Party could be favorable for a Libertarian run.


I may not help my party…

I may not help my party is the word coming from Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

According to the Huffington Post article by Sam Stein, “(Senator Ben Nelson) is not committed to helping his party block a Republican filibuster on health care legislation.”

Senator Nelson has been a skeptic of the public option for insurance coverage.

Now, with a possible 60-vote majority for the Democrats (if Paul Kirk is sworn-in) they can vote for cloture. The cloture vote would allow as simple majority rule vote on any bill.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He’s not popular, but still too many people like him…

He’s not popular, but still too many people like him to have Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick out of office. That the analysis from a new “7News-Suffolk University” poll. The problem revolves around independent candidate Tim Cahill.

The poll shows Governor Patrick only having a core vote of “35-40%”. But that remaining 60% is splitting between Cahill, the Republican and some people that will still vote for Governor Patrick.

State Treasurer Cahill, who quit the Democratic Party to run as an independent, comes in second in the poll. The "7News-Suffolk University" poll shows Governor Patrick receiving 36% of the vote. The vote slightly changes depending up on the Republican candidate. Cahill gets 24% or 23% and the undecideds are at 26% or 23%. A strong majority of the undecideds would have to go for Cahill to get the win.

But, the poll dug deeper and did find some positive news for Cahill. Cahill was the second choice for people that picked the Democrat and the Republican. So if either of the major party candidates slide in support, Cahill is poised to become Governor.


“If they don't stop, they'll suffer…”

If they don't stop, they'll suffer,” is the policy Independent Senator Joe Lieberman says President Obama should take to Iran.

Connecticut Senator Lieberman told MSNBC the Obama Administration’s plan for Iran has not worked and they need to be tougher. According to quotes from Senator Lieberman said, “If you look at our policy, which is a global policy, to stop the Iranians from building nuclear weapons, everything we have done thus far has failed.”

He thinks the Obama Administration is being too soft on Iran. Lieberman added, “(The United States needs) to make it clear to the Iranians that if they don't stop, they'll suffer."


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Independent to challenge longtime Congressman Obey…

Independent to challenge longtime Congressman David Obey in 2010.

Ken Driessen is running as an independent progressive. He is pushing the idea of “Direct Participatory Democracy”. To see his description of “Direct Participatory Democracy”, you can read his website link below.

Drissen has also vowed to not accept any campaign donations, but he is accepting volunteers.


Executive Director is named for new political party...

Executive Director is named for new political party, the “Moderate Party of Rhode Island”.

According to the post on, Christine Hunsinger is taking the job. Hunsinger briefly served as press secretary for Democratic Congressional hopeful Elizabeth Dennigan in the summer of 2009. The article continues to say, “(Hunsinger) was a registered Democrat until last week”

She was quoted saying they have about two dozen candidates considering running for the state legislature.


A mayor may spoil the Democratic Governors Association’s plan…

A mayor may spoil the Democratic Governors Association’s plan according to an article published on The Democratic Governors Association declared Nevada a “Top-Tier Pickup Opportunity” in 2010, hoping to unseat Republican Governor Jim Gibbons.

Clark County Commissioner and son of Senator Harry Ried, Rory Reid, is slated to be uncontested in his bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor. That still does not mean a Democrat will not run against him.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, a Democrat, is considering a run for Governor. According to the report Goodman has said, “he would prefer to strike out on his own as an independent candidate.” As for Republicans, there are a number of people running in their primary to unseat Governor Gibbons.


Democrats and Republicans fear this independent…

Democrats and Republicans fear this independent, the independent is Lincoln Chafee. Chafee is running for Rhode Island Governor as an independent candidate.

In a article posed, both Republian and Democratic leaders mention concerns that Chafee could give their candidates a run for their money. The article quotes executive director of the Democratic Governors Association Nathan Daschle as saying, “(Chafee is who Democrats) see as the general election competition."

Chafee was a Republican Senator from Rhode Island, but lost his re-election bid in 2006.


Is that proof a third party or parties are needed…

A new Rasmussen Reports poll says 60% of Americans, “believe neither Republican nor Democratic political leaders have an understanding of what is needed today”.

Is this poll proof that a third party is needed, or is there only a need for “anti-establishment” candidates in the big two parties.


Talk to the docket…

Talk to the docket is the word from a New Jersey judge. According to, Superior Court Judge Theodore Bozonelis will not immediately hear the suit from independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett and Libertarian candidate Kenneth Kaplan.

They sued the state arguing the way the State of New Jersey places candidate’s names on the ballot is unconstitutional.

Currently, only “major” political parties can get top billing. Second tier parties get second billing, being placed physically lower than top parties on ballots. The Judge said he needs to see proof ballot positing effects votes. Also according to, “(The Judge needed to consider) if the lawsuit is one a court should even consider.”

Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama has “got to learn how to fight”…

Obama has “got to learn how to fight” is the call from Ralph Nader. In an interview with ABC News’ Rick Klien, Ralph Nader took a number of shots at President Obama.

The biggest complaint from Nader was, “He’s never invited progressive leaders to the White House.” He continued, “(President Obama) invites CEOs to the White House, of health insurance companies and drug companies. You don’t win that way.”

What’s more important? $3 billion or $350 million….

What’s more important? $3 billion or $350 million? According to a post from Eric Schansbert’s blog posted on the Indiana Libertarian Party’s website, the answer according to the Federal government is $350 million.

Schansbert, a two time Congressional candidate, argues the Cash For Clunkers program was a failure. The program cost the Federal Government $3 billion, but it only saved $350 million in gas money.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

New York third party criticized in editorial…

New York third party criticized in editorial from the New York Daily News. The Daily News editorial is calling on Governor Patterson to veto the Green Jobs/Green New York Act, “which sets up a $112 million program to lend money to New Yorkers to weatherize homes.”

The Daily News looks at the bill as a more of a hand-out to the Working Family Party and the party’s close friends.

The editorial reads, “There are many such programs already… the law would blow a whopping $52 million of the money on a bureaucracy to manage the program, paying community groups and labor unions to round up customers… No one know (who) will be the beneficiaries… the Working Families Party drafted the bill.”


Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Kennedy running to replace Ted Kennedy…

A Kennedy running to replace Ted Kennedy, Joe Kennedy is running. No, he’s not that Joe Kennedy.

Candidate Kennedy writes on his website, “I claim no relation to the family or relatives of President John F. Kennedy.” He continues, “Only with Joseph P Kennedy's validation that he is not going to run would I even consider my own candidacy for office.”

So, is this Kennedy a liberal? No. He said, “you will find that my views are closely aligned with the Libertarian party.” Kennedy is running for the office as an Independent candidate.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Former Reform Party House candidate is found shot dead…

Former Reform Party House candidate is found shot dead in his home. is reporting Lance Goebel was found shot to death in his home. According to the report, the Will County, Illinois Sheriff’s Office believes Goebel’s nephew shot Goebel in a domestic dispute.

In 1996 Goebel ran for the U.S. House of Representatives on the Reform Party ticket in Illinois.


The ballot is not fair…

The ballot is not fair is the claim from two Gubernatorial candidates and five voters in New Jersey. Libertarian Candidate Kenneth R. Kaplin joined major independent candidate Chris Daggett’s suit.

According to the article on, “(The suit) charges it is unfair for the Republican and Democratic parties to automatically get the two top spots on ballots in the general election.”

The article explains New Jersey gives the first spots on the ballot to the ‘official’ major parties, and then has a second tier of candidates listed after the major parties.


“Dr. Abolish” for Senate…

“Dr. Abolish” for Senate… is the call of Michael Beitler. He’s running for Senate in 2010 from North Carolina, seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination.

In a news release Beitler said, “The time has come to abolish entire Federal programs and agencies.” Because of his stand on abolishing programs and agencies, he wants to be known as “Dr. Abolish” in the Senate.


States are the solution to health care problems…

States are the solution to health care problems argues Peter Tharaldson on the Independence Party of Minnesota’s website. Tharaldson argues that Canada is trying to decentralize it health care to the provinces and the European Union is keeping health care run by the individual countries.

Tharadlson says, “I believe that the federal government should stay out of it. The primary reason is the 10th amendment...but the reason for the 10th amendment is that there are things the states can do better than the federal government.“


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three is a crowd in New Jersey…

Three is a crowd in New Jersey according to Public Policy Polling. Their latest poll in New Jersey shows Independent candidate Chris Daggett getting 13% of the vote.

When you dig deeper into the poll only 47% of Daggett’s 13% said they are absolutely going to vote for him on election day; that would still be better than five percent. If either one of the “major” candidates could add five percent to their vote total they would likely win.

Public Policy Polling says Daggett is likely hurting Republican Chris Christie more than Democrat incumbent Governor Jon Corzine.


The “two- headed, one party system” is ending…

The “two- headed, one party system” is ending is the hope of the Constitution Party.

The party says the number of people that showed-up at the 9/12 protest in Washington, D.C. is proof a Second American Revolution is taking place nationwide.


More people should be elected to the House of Representatives…

More people should be elected to the House of Representatives… that the stance of a lawsuit filed in Federal Court. Eric Zimmerman from the Hill writes, “The problem arises because each state gets at least one representative, regardless of size. So Wyoming, whose population is about 523,000, gets the same power in Congress as Nevada's 3rd district, which has over 900,000 constituents.”

The lawsuit argues the House of Representatives should be increased to 932 or maybe as many as 1761 seats.

So, would this be a good thing for third parties or the county? Our take is yes and we’re not sure.

If third parties would have more opportunities to win elections it would be a positive thing for the parties. The problem is that more house districts would give more opportunities for career politicians to grab hold in their smaller districts and never leave.

So what is best for the county? More opportunities for third parties to get into office, but more chances for psydo life-time appointments for members of Congress. What do you think? Vote on it below.


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