Friday, June 5, 2009

Member of grunge band Nirvana "running" for office...

Member of grunge band Nirvana "running" for office... kind of. A number of media reports says Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has filed to run for county clerk in Wahkiakim County, Washington (hundreds according to Google News). He's running on the "Grange Party" ticket. Doesn't sound familiar? It shouldn't it does not exist.

The Washington Post reports that Novoselic's run for office is a publicity stunt. One that's working. The publicity is to get attention for a Washington State law that allows candidates to file for whatever party they wish run under even fictitious parties. He's quoted in the Post article saying, "It's complicated. It confuses voters and it disenfranchises voters. And we should think about a settlement that speaks to the needs and values of Washington voters."

The report says Novoselic does not want to win, and even plans to vote for the incumbent. He'll resign if he wins.


Another Whig is on...

Another Whig is on... the ballot. The second Modern Whig Party candidate to run for office has made it official.

Gene L. Baldassari qualified to run for New Jersey Assembly in the 14th Legislative District. He has become "New Jersey’s first candidate on the Modern Whig Party".

Paul C. McKain, who is running for Congress from Florida, became the first Modern Whig candidate ever.


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