Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3rd Party Candidate says, “Phone ringing off the hook” with third party interest…

Paul C. McKain who is running for Florida's Second Congressional District on the Florida Whig Party ticket tweeted out a comment saying things are looking good for him.

He tweeted, “Phone ringing off the hook with people asking questions about 3rd party. The people are seeing the relevance on their own.

McKain is trying to unseat Democratic Representative Allen Boyd who was first elected to congress in 1996.


Forget the plane – Teleconference!

Forget the plane – Teleconference! Is the message from the Florida Whig Party.

The party is launching a new movement to push national, state and local leaders to use new teleconferencing technologies instead of expensive air travel.

A post on their website questions, “outrageous use of state airplanes for questionable travel and the part-time status of our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Chief Financial Officer as they all campaign full-time for higher offices…”. Currently in Florida Governor Charlie Crist is running for U.S. Senate, Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp is running for Attorney General, and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink is running for Governor.

The party is asking questions including:
“Should the Florida Whig Party require that a minimum percentage of time while in elective office be conducted within the borders of the state rather than in Washington, D.C.?”
“Is Congress able to craft legislation that allows video-conferencing in order to constitute a quorum?”
“Would teleconferencing reduce undue influence and pressure on party members to vote the party line?”
“Would known lobbyists and quiet peddlers of influence and power be reduced because of an increase in local vigilance by local media, interested individuals and groups?”


Lieberman getting "stubborn"

Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is getting “stubborn” on health care reform.

An article on FoxNews.com quotes Senator Lieberman that he is, “going to be stubborn on this." He means that he will be stubborn on not including a "public option" in health care reform.

The article says, “Lieberman says he won't vote to let a bill come to a final vote if a public option is included.” The article continues to say any version of a public option, including a trigger, would get a no vote from Senator Lieberman.


Independents reaching out to Lou Dobbs…

Independents are reaching out to Lou Dobbs according to an article on CBSNews.com.

Stehpanie Condon posts on CBSNews.com politicals are reaching out to Lou Dobbs. She quotes Dobbs' spokesman Robert Dillenschneider saying politicans have been calling Dobbs that includes, “politicians who are both on the right and some in the center, who are independent.

The post continues to mention that Dobbs could be a candidate for President or a run for Senate in New Jersey against Robert Menendez in 2010,


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