Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Independent polling at mid-20% in race for Massachusetts Governor…

Independent candidate Tim Cahill is polling in the mid-20% in race for Massachusetts Governor. In a race versus incumbent Governor Deval Patrick, independent Tim Cahill is coming in second place polling at 28% and 25% depending upon which Republican is in the race. In all match-ups 14% are still undecided.

Cahill is the State Treasurer. He was elected to the office as a Democrat, but resigned from the Democratic Party a few months ago.


Possible independent candidate for Governor in Nevada polling near 30%…

Possible Independent candidate for Governor of Nevada Oscar Goodman is polling near 30%. A new Nevada News Bureau poll shows Republican Brian Sandoval getting 35%, Las Vegas Mayor and possible independent candidate Oscar Goodman at 28% and Democrat Rory Reid getting 21%.

Mayor Goodman, who is a Democrat, has toyed with the idea of running for Governor as an independent candidate. Goodman would have to change his voter registration by the end of December to run as an Independent.

The Thirds sees three hidden stories in this poll.
First: The poll has a +/-5% margin of error which means Goodman could have the lead, but likely not.
Second: The polls results showed 16% preferring some other candidate, who is that other candidate?
Third: Mayor Goodman polled at only 8% in Washoe County which is in the northern part of the state, Goodman is the mayor of Las Vegas in the south of the state. This means that Goodman would likely see positive voting trends in the northern half of the state pulling him closer to the leader Sandoval.


Doug Hoffman re-concedes the election…

Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman re-concedes the election for New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

Jordan Fabian writes on, that after unconceding the race, Hoffman has looked at the latest ballot counting and realized that he lost. With re-counts Democrat Bill Owen’s lead has been cut in half, but that is not enough for Hoffman to win.

Hoffman was quoted saying he lost this race but will stay active in politics, "I plan to stay active in politics and in the weeks and months ahead hope to be able to personally thank all those who made this race so close and exciting," said Hoffman.

Many people expect Hoffman to become the Republican Party and Conservative Party candidate for the same seat in the 2010 election.


Third Parties using technology to spread the message…

Two third parties recently send-out notes touting their technological out reach.

The Florida Whig Party will be conducting live broadcasting through While America’s Indpendent Party is hosting “America's Summit - Restore the Republic” conference calls featuring AIP leaders, special guests, and principled, independent, conservatives from across the land

The Florida Whig schedule of broadcast has not been announced, America's Independent Party will hold its conference calls every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:00pm Eastern time.


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