Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Independent to challenge longtime Congressman Obey…

Independent to challenge longtime Congressman David Obey in 2010.

Ken Driessen is running as an independent progressive. He is pushing the idea of “Direct Participatory Democracy”. To see his description of “Direct Participatory Democracy”, you can read his website link below.

Drissen has also vowed to not accept any campaign donations, but he is accepting volunteers.


Executive Director is named for new political party...

Executive Director is named for new political party, the “Moderate Party of Rhode Island”.

According to the post on projo.com, Christine Hunsinger is taking the job. Hunsinger briefly served as press secretary for Democratic Congressional hopeful Elizabeth Dennigan in the summer of 2009. The article continues to say, “(Hunsinger) was a registered Democrat until last week”

She was quoted saying they have about two dozen candidates considering running for the state legislature.


A mayor may spoil the Democratic Governors Association’s plan…

A mayor may spoil the Democratic Governors Association’s plan according to an article published on Fox5Vegas.com. The Democratic Governors Association declared Nevada a “Top-Tier Pickup Opportunity” in 2010, hoping to unseat Republican Governor Jim Gibbons.

Clark County Commissioner and son of Senator Harry Ried, Rory Reid, is slated to be uncontested in his bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor. That still does not mean a Democrat will not run against him.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, a Democrat, is considering a run for Governor. According to the Fox5Vegas.com report Goodman has said, “he would prefer to strike out on his own as an independent candidate.” As for Republicans, there are a number of people running in their primary to unseat Governor Gibbons.


Democrats and Republicans fear this independent…

Democrats and Republicans fear this independent, the independent is Lincoln Chafee. Chafee is running for Rhode Island Governor as an independent candidate.

In a article posed RealClearPolitics.com, both Republian and Democratic leaders mention concerns that Chafee could give their candidates a run for their money. The article quotes executive director of the Democratic Governors Association Nathan Daschle as saying, “(Chafee is who Democrats) see as the general election competition."

Chafee was a Republican Senator from Rhode Island, but lost his re-election bid in 2006.


Is that proof a third party or parties are needed…

A new Rasmussen Reports poll says 60% of Americans, “believe neither Republican nor Democratic political leaders have an understanding of what is needed today”.

Is this poll proof that a third party is needed, or is there only a need for “anti-establishment” candidates in the big two parties.


Talk to the docket…

Talk to the docket is the word from a New Jersey judge. According to NJ.com, Superior Court Judge Theodore Bozonelis will not immediately hear the suit from independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett and Libertarian candidate Kenneth Kaplan.

They sued the state arguing the way the State of New Jersey places candidate’s names on the ballot is unconstitutional.

Currently, only “major” political parties can get top billing. Second tier parties get second billing, being placed physically lower than top parties on ballots. The Judge said he needs to see proof ballot positing effects votes. Also according to NJ.com, “(The Judge needed to consider) if the lawsuit is one a court should even consider.”

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