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Has Scozzafava given-up on Conservatives?

Has Scozzafava given-up on Conservatives? She tweeted out being happy that Senator Susan Collins and Representative Ginny Brown-Waite are campaigning with her.

Having Representative Ginny Brown-Waite is safe, but relatively doesn’t have that much name recognition. Brown-Waite is a native of the New York North Country so that may help a little. But the conservative damage could come from Senator Susan Collins. Collins could be very attractive to conservative-Democrats.

Does this mean Scozzafava is hoping to win the election with the backing of moderates, conservative-Democrats, and some Republicans support in the process seeding many Republicans and conservatives to Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman?


Rick Santorum and Freedoms Defense Fund add to Hoffman’s backers..

Former Republican Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and the group Freedoms Defense Fund are now added to Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman’s backers according to a post from Doug Hoffman on Facebook page.

Just a series of more Republicans and conservatives backing him versus the Republican backed Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava.


Republican Minnesota Governor likely to endorse non-republican in New York congressional race…

Republican Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is likely to endorse non-republican in New York congressional race. Jordan Fabian writes on, the 2012 presidential hopeful Governor Pawlenty, “said he will likely endorse a candidate in the contentious New York special House election.”

Pawlenty did not say who he would endorse. But let play “eliminator”. Bill Owens is a Democratic – he’s out. The Republican is Dede Scozzafava. Pawlenty did not describe Assemblywoman Scozzafava in a high light, "As a conservative, I am worried about some of the things I've heard about how the person was selected… the selection of this individual...seems a little cloistered." He also added, "(I am) concerned about some of the alleged issue positions that she holds." Scozzafava – not an endorsement.

Pawlenty did not mention Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. In this case, a no mention is good. So, Mr. Governor, when will the Hoffman endorsement happen?


Steve Forbes backs Hoffman…

Another big name conservative, Steve Forbes, is backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in his race for New York 23rd Congressional District special election.

Hoffman is battling liberal-leaning Republican Dede Scozzafava and Democrat Bill Owens to replace new Army Secretary John McHugh’s seat in Congress.


Principle above Personal: Hoffman willing to take a big financial loss because it is right for the country…

E.J. Conzola II writes on that Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in New York's 23rd Congressional District special election is now backing the flat tax idea. Hoffman was quoted saying, "The tax code that we have is so complex. ... It's basically corrupt."

That is a bold moved because Hoffman is an accountant. He estimates that roughly half the business done by his accounting firm is helping taxpayers deal with the IRS.

Hoffman later added in the article, "High taxes and complex government regulations and red tape stifles businesses."

When contacted for Conzola’s article, the spokesman for Republican backed Dede Scozzafava said his candidate does not want a flat tax, but “does support reforming existing tax laws”.


What are the top ten political party logos?

What are the top ten political party logos? figured it out.

The results:
1. Democratic Party Logo Design
2. Republican Party Logo Design
3. Libertarian Party Logo Design
4. Green Party Logo Design
5. Constitution Party Logo Design
6. Socialist Party USA Logo Design
7. Social Democrats USA Logo Design
8. Modern Whig Party Logo Design
9. America First Party Logo Design
10. The Independence Party of America Logo Design


Opinion: Don’t call Hoffman a spoiler.

Don’t call Hoffman a spoiler is the way Jimmy Vielkind ended his opinion piece on Vielkind writes about the battle with-in the Republican Party and conservatives over liberal-leaning Assemblywomn Dede Scozzafava's and the Conservative Party option of Doug Hoffman, and how they will try to beat Democrat Bill Owens in the special election for New York's 23rd Congressional seat.

After breaking down the race where chairman of the Franklin County Republican Committee Jim Ellis is quoted saying some Republicans are, "either going to work with Hoffman or they're going to lay back and do nothing," because Dede Scozzafava is too liberal.

Vielkind also questioned Scozzafava because, “She's running low on cash… had a disastrous appearance yesterday in front of Hoffman's headquarters…. called the cops on a reporter for The Weekly Standard, then lied to reporters about it.”

The piece ended with breaking typical Third Party mentality, “The thing is that most people—myself included—have written off Hoffman as a mere spoiler. We shouldn't have assumed.”


Hoffman’s Democratic opponent sued of over advertisement…

Hoffman’s Democratic opponent sued of over advertisement. Joe LoTemplio writes on the people behind the “Got Milk” ads are not happy with Democratic New York 23rd Congressional special election candidate Bill Owens.

The California Milk Processor Board filed a cease-and-desist order requesting that the spot be pulled. The advertisement shows Owens, “talking about dropping milk prices for farmers, and at the end of the spot he says, ‘We've got to find out who's got milk ... money.’”

The Owens's campaign said the advertisement is a parody of the milk slogan and not a misuse and was still on the air.

We’re not sure if this will help Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, it’s just interesting.


Possible running mate with Goodman for Governor not jumping in…

Possible running mate for Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman’s possible independent run for Governor is not jumping into the race. Susan Voyles writes on that Reno Mayor Bob Cashell is planning to run for a third term as mayor.

Voyles reported, “Cashell toyed with the idea of running for governor. He said he had a poll that showed an independent ticker of Cashell, a Republican, and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, a Democrat, could be competitive.” Cashell said after weighing all of the options, his heart is in Reno.

Voyles did not speculate who else could run with Goodman for Governor, that is if Goodman actually does run.


Green Party selects four new co-chairs…

Green Party selects four new co-chairs. In a news release posted on the Green Party’s website the party announced, “the election of four new co-chairs, Mike Feinstein (from California), Farheen Hakeem (Minnesota), Jason Nabewaniec (New York; reelected), and David Strand (Minnesota); and the reelection of Holly Hart as the party's national secretary.”

Jason Nabewaniec was re-elected and there is no biography on him, but the three new co-chairs are described with short biographies including:

Mike Feinstein: “Mayor and city council member of Santa Monica (CA), is one of the co-founders of the Green Party of California… (who’s top priorities are) proportional representation with public financing, fair ballot access, and inclusion for all ballot qualified candidates in all debates."

Farheen Hakeem: “The highest ranking in the US for any Muslim woman or Muslim in any political party… (She called for) divestment from Israel… ran for Mayor of Minneapolis, coming in third out of 12 candidates.”

David Strand: “Co-chair of the Green Party of Minnesota and treasurer of the 3rd Congressional District Green Party… a founding member of the Lavender Green Caucus, which represents gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Greens. He is a proud member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.


America's Independent Party makes an early backing for Illinois Governor…

America's Independent Party Chairman Tom Hoefling announced on his party’s website that they “enthusiastically endorse” Randy Stufflebeam of the Constitution Party for Governor of Illinois.

Hoefling compared Stufflebam to President Regan and ended by saying, “we urge all Illinoisans to lend their prayers, time, energy, financial resources, and VOTES to Randy and his campaign. Do your state, and our nation, a huge favor by doing what it takes to elect Randy Stufflebeam as your Governor.”


Another Third Party backs Hoffman in special election….

Another Third Party backs Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in New York 23rd Congressional District special election. This week America's Independent Party endorsed Doug Hoffman for Congress.

In a post on their website America's Independent Party Chairman Tom Hoefling writes, “Our people, principled independent Reagan moral conservatives, believe that Doug is exactly what we're looking for in a Congressman. In fact, we would assert that if we don't soon begin to elect individuals of Doug Hoffman's character and caliber, our beloved country will not survive much longer in liberty.

Hoefling goes on to compare Hoffman’s beliefs to Regan and then ends with, “A Doug Hoffman win will be a victory for government of, by, and for the people. Please don't waste this historic opportunity to change America's course for the better.”


Another New Jersey Newspaper endorses Daggett for Governor…

Another New Jersey Newspaper endorses independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett for Governor. The editorial praised Daggett as being the only candidate that will not be hamstrung by the party politics that caused havoc on the state.

The paper’s editorial board writes that an endorsement for Corzine was a nearly laughable idea. They wrote, “New Jersey has consistently earned a ranking of 50th in business climate, but our politicians would choose economic suicide for the people they represent than suggest solutions they view as political suicide for themselves.”

They then compliment Daggett saying he is the only candidate with a clear vision for the future, “Daggett’s willingness to offer a detailed plan on how to cut property taxes and begin to address the state’s upcoming budget crisis and long-term debt contrast sharply with both Corzine, who is running on his record, and Republican Chris Christie.”

The newspaper already once endorsed Republican Chris Christie in the Republican primary but felt he has come-up short. Writing, “Unfortunately, too much of the current Christie campaign seems to be about Republicans saying, ‘it’s our turn, he’s our best chance to win,’ and not what they want to do for our state.”

So can Daggett be effective and can Daggett win? The newspaper says yes. They argue, “Daggett’s campaign is based on the premise that only an independent – someone who doesn’t have to worry about whether his party is going to get campaign contributions from special interests or whether his party is going to lose seats in the next election – can make the difficult decisions needed to fix New Jersey… Democrats and Republicans have been arguing for months that a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote because he cannot win… Corzine and Christie have both been dropping (in polls), and it only takes 35 percent to win in a close three-way race.

They wrap-up with a reversal of the theme a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote writing, “Neither the Democratic nor the Republican candidates deserve your vote. Chris Daggett does. Give it to him, and maybe we can change New Jersey. Vote for Chris Daggett on Nov. 3.”


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