Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He’s not popular, but still too many people like him…

He’s not popular, but still too many people like him to have Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick out of office. That the analysis from a new “7News-Suffolk University” poll. The problem revolves around independent candidate Tim Cahill.

The poll shows Governor Patrick only having a core vote of “35-40%”. But that remaining 60% is splitting between Cahill, the Republican and some people that will still vote for Governor Patrick.

State Treasurer Cahill, who quit the Democratic Party to run as an independent, comes in second in the poll. The "7News-Suffolk University" poll shows Governor Patrick receiving 36% of the vote. The vote slightly changes depending up on the Republican candidate. Cahill gets 24% or 23% and the undecideds are at 26% or 23%. A strong majority of the undecideds would have to go for Cahill to get the win.

But, the poll dug deeper and did find some positive news for Cahill. Cahill was the second choice for people that picked the Democrat and the Republican. So if either of the major party candidates slide in support, Cahill is poised to become Governor.


“If they don't stop, they'll suffer…”

If they don't stop, they'll suffer,” is the policy Independent Senator Joe Lieberman says President Obama should take to Iran.

Connecticut Senator Lieberman told MSNBC the Obama Administration’s plan for Iran has not worked and they need to be tougher. According to quotes from Senator Lieberman said, “If you look at our policy, which is a global policy, to stop the Iranians from building nuclear weapons, everything we have done thus far has failed.”

He thinks the Obama Administration is being too soft on Iran. Lieberman added, “(The United States needs) to make it clear to the Iranians that if they don't stop, they'll suffer."


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