Saturday, May 9, 2009

Single Payer (Government-Run) Health Care…

Single Payer (Government-Run) Health Care… was the topic for talking on Friday for both the Libertarian Party and Ralph Nader.  Their opinions are polar opposites. 

The Libertarians calling President Obama on the carpet for support a Government-Run health care similar to Britain.  The LP writes how rationed health care is hurting people in Britain, even giving people death sentences as handed down by a national medical board.

On the other hand Ralph Nader sends an e-mail focusing on Single Payer health care.  He’s also calling a leader in Washington on the carpet – just the other end of it.  The Nader e-mail is very critical of Nancy Pelosi, asking her to force a vote on what he calls the “taboo” subject of Single Payer heath care.

Nader's pitches for Single Payer heath care included, “20,000 people die every year, according to the Institute of Medicine, because they cannot afford health insurance” and “According to leading researchers in this area, Dr. David Himmelstein and Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler, single payer will save $350 billion annually.”

But, The big point of Nader e-mail, getting people to go to the website

ANALYSIS: “Single Payer” health care or “Government Run” health care (whatever you want to call it) has major warts.  But are the warts worth it?  Who will make the best argument to the American public?


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