Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Libertarians taking three swings at Obama care…

Libertarians taking three swings at Obama care… in separate news releases and blogs.

In a news release, Libertarian National Committee Chairman William Redpath said, "There is no question our health care system is broken and in need of serious reform. Americans deserve health care that is affordable, effective and universally available. However, President Obama’s $1 trillion government takeover of hospitals and doctor’s offices is not the answer.” The news release ended saying, “It is no coincidence that America’s health care system, once the best in the world, has become more unaffordable and ineffective as government has seeped further and further into it.”

The two blog posts from the Libertarian Communication head Donny Ferguson blogs about “the cost of free health care”. He mentions in one blog post, "The 10-year cost of reform could approach $2 trillion if the projections are made from the date that proposals are fully implemented.”

The other blog post calls the accounting for nationalized enron-like. The blog post says, “ditching the estimates prepared by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office and replacing them with the nunbers prepared by the politically-appointed White House Office of Management and Budget…” are similar to accounting techniques the Ken Lay and Enron used to cook the books and fool investors.


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