Monday, June 15, 2009

West Virginia getting help from Texas…

West Virginia getting help from Texas… to grow the party.

The Libertarian Party of West Virginia has called in support from Texas to get help in getting candidates on ballots. Wes Benedict, the Former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas, has written a letter to West Virginia Libertarians about ballot access and candidate recruitment.

He writes of having a goal of 10 Libertarian candidates on the November 2010 ballot in West Virginia. The letter mentions last Libertarian Party candidate on the West Virginia ran candidates for office was Michael Badnarik’s 2004 President campaign. Bob Barr failed to get onto the 2008 ballot.

Benedict ends the letter, “I can’t guarantee that they’ll be successful or that nothing will go wrong. I’m in Texas, not West Virginia. However, I do hope that others will recognize that Matt Harris and the LPWV are showing initiative and making things happen…” He also asked for donations to help in ballot access efforts.


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