Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NJ Independent gubernatorial candidate pitches more and capped taxes…

New Jersey Independent gubernatorial candidate pitches more and capped taxes in a plan just released. Max Piarro, writing for PolitikcerNJ.com, explained Chris Daggett plan as, “Trying to run up the middle between two main party adversaries…”.

His running-up-the-middle-plan tax plan looks at a number of taxes. According to the article Daggett plans to extend, “the state's existing 7% sales tax to a greater range of personal, professional and household services.” But the most important part of his plan is to restructure the state’s property tax system. The plan would, “translate into a 25% property tax cut to all New Jersey homeowners to a maximum of $2,500.

The article quoted Patrick Murray of Monmouth University describing Daggett's proposal as potentially "a game changer."

The first Gubernatorial debate takes place on October 1st, just one full day after Daggett’s announcement. What will Democrat Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chis Christie have to say about this plan with only one evening and one full day before the debate, if they say anything?


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