Thursday, October 8, 2009

Editorial: Daggett should keep-up the fight even after the election

An editorial on says Independent News Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett has had many success including getting public financing and participating in the gubernatorial debates, but he still faces a challenge in the ballot box.

The Democrat and Republican get the top two spots in on the ballot, but Daggett’s name will appear “lost in a field of 10 independent and minor-party candidates.

The editorial says that stacking of candidate names is, “…unfair. And it is just one more way that the major parties stack the deck against third parties to preserve their own power.”

Daggett challenged the ballot process in court. The judge decided to not hear the case before the November election, but the editorial calls on Daggett to, “pursue the lawsuit after the election. We hope that challenge proceeds. This issue deserves full consideration by the courts.”

The editorial wraps-up saying the way to get in the top tier is “nearly impossible standard… At the minimum, New Jersey should ensure that any third-party candidate who raises enough money to qualify for public financing get an equal shot at ballot position.”


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