Monday, May 18, 2009

More Green....

More Green... on your ballots in 2009.  

The May 2009 Green Party newsletter says Greens have filed to run for 119 offices.  The letters says this compares with,  "In 2005, 69 candidates had declared their run by the middle of May.  In 2007, that number was 74."  The newsletter says 119 candidates is a record for the Greens.

The newsletter continues to ask people to declair their candidacy for a local offices in 2009 and maybe start planning for 2010 races.


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  1. At, we believe that real change begins when good people with big dreams run for office.

    With people like you in office, we could end the wars, pass single-payer health care, halt global warming, and more.

    Just let us know if you would consider running for office in 2009-2010, and we'll get in touch for a conversation. No commitment is necessary.


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