Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green Party, Libertarians, and Constitution Party team-up...

Green Party, Libertarians, and Constitution Party team-up... The Green Party sent out a news release saying the three major third parties are teaming-up to file a federal lawsuit to challenge discriminatory provisions and enforcement of ballot access laws.

The news release says, "The Green Party of Pennsylvania is party to a lawsuit that was filed recently by the Center for Competitive Democracy."

The lawsuit challenges rules that force candidates to pay litigation costs and fees to private parties who challenge their nomination petitions. The release says, "these fees have amounted to more $80,000 for the crime of doing no more than trying to run for public office."

The news release pointed to 2006 Green Party Senatorial candidate Carl Romanelli. The release says Romanelli submitted more than 100,000 signatures to get on the ballot, “The Democratic Party challenged the signatures, and after a 7-week battle, chipped away at the Green Party signatures with technicality after technicality.” Romanelli was off the ballot and fined $80,000 in court costs. "You shouldn't have to risk house and home to run for office in Pennsylvania," said Hillary Kane, Chair of the Green Party of Pennsylvania. The release continued, “similar scenario left Independent candidate Ralph Nader… with more than $80,000 in fees from their 2004 Presidential run.”


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