Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Republicans and Democrats are to blame...

Republicans and Democrats are to blame... for ban on Gay Marriage in California according to the California Green Party. In a news release the California Green Party called it a "sad day (when) a state moves backward instead of forward towards justice and equality.”

That was the reaction after Proposition Eight in California was upheld. The Green Party, which has supported same-sex marriages since its inception.

The news release quoted Green Party member Alex Walker saying Republicans got the measure on the ballot but, “Democrats let Prop. 8 win because, as is often the case, they lacked the guts to fight for unpopular minorities."

Starlene Rankin, the Lavender Green Caucus co-chair said, "The decision goes against our country's core values of liberty and justice and it will be overturned.” Rankin said Greens are planning for a new vote on the gay marriage issue.


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