Thursday, July 9, 2009

Opening for Independent for Governor…

Opening for Independent for Governor… in New Jersey?

A new Rasmussen poll shows Republican Chris Christie challenger leading Democratic incumbent Governor Jon Corzine in the New Jersey 46%-39%. There is some opportunity for independent candidates. The polls says 5% of people are leaning towards voting for a third-party or independent candidate.

While only having a 5% lean is not great news it is still early.

The real opportunity is in the very unfavorable rakings of both big party candidates. Democrat Governor Jon Corzine has a 40% very unfavorable rating, Republican challenger Chris Christie has an 18% very unfavorable rating. If a candidate can cash-in with those unfavorable people there could be an opening. Each candidate is in the teens for somewhat unfavorable ratings.


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  1. Independent candidate Chris Daggett got a fair amount of press last week when he qualified for matching campaign funds and a place in the gubernatorial debates.


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