Thursday, July 9, 2009

State Treasurer leaves his political party…

State Treasurer leaves his political party… in Massachusetts.

Treasurer Tim Cahill dropped his Democrat moniker for the independent title. A story posted on reads, “Speculation has been that Cahill left the Democratic Party to position himself for a gubernatorial run in 2010.”

Cahill admitted going independent is not easy. The article continued with Cahil saying he doesn't have the infrastructure to run for office right now but he believes. “there is a path to victory as an independent.”

The question is what office will Cahill run for in 2010? Wayne Woodlief in the Boston Herald says, “Ex-state and national Democratic chairman Steve Grossman announced that he’ll seek the nomination for treasurer next year even if Cahill opts for re-election.”

It is likely Cahill’s move is to position himself for 2010 run. But for what office?


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