Monday, October 12, 2009

Could the Democratic candidate for NYC Mayor “pull a Daggett” on Bloomberg in debate?

Independent candidate and incumbent New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is running with lead for re-elections. Most polls show Bloomberg with a lead in the double digits versus Democratic candidate and City Comptroller Bill Thompson.

In fact many people have said this race is all but over, but today the New York Times “City Room” blog says that may not be true. The mayor and the comptroller debate on Tuesday and that debate could swing the race into a whole new light.

The New York Times writers Michael Barbaro and David W. Chen argue Independent Mayor Bloomberg could have a “Daggett” pulled on him.

It would be a major reversal of who is running as an independent, but Barbaro and Chen write, “Mr. Thompson needs to deliver a strong performance to overcome both a sizable gap in the polls and a lopsided disadvantage in financial resources against the billionaire mayor. After all, it was a sterling debate performance by Christopher J. Daggett, an independent running for governor in New Jersey, that suddenly raised his profile and helped him earn the surprising endorsement of the state’s largest newspaper, The Star-Ledger of Newark.”

So can Thompson “pull a Daggett”? We’ll see tomorrow night.


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