Monday, October 12, 2009

New York Times praising Chris Daggett…

New York Times praising independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett in a new article titled, “Independent Candidate Stirs Up the Governor’s Race in New Jersey”.

The Daggett campaign was once again given the Cinderella moniker at the start of the article written by David M. Halbfinger.

He later writes, “Mr. Daggett’s dry talk of substance has filled an enormous vacuum. Mr. Corzine, elected on a promise to use his Wall Street savvy to fix the state’s fiscal problems, instead swung and missed on several big initiatives… Meanwhile, Mr. Christie squandered a huge advantage in the polls by refusing to say how he would fix the state’s vexing problems… Mr. Daggett’s rivals have said so little about how they would tackle New Jersey’s taxes, deficits and unemployment that Mr. Daggett is being greeted at times like a Jimmy Stewart character in a Frank Capra film.”

The article quoted a New Jersey Democrat that had never head of Daggett prior to the October 1st Gubernatorial debate. Now 12-days later, she has four Daggett campaign signs at her home.


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  1. Corzine complaining about Christie Being fat. Christie complaining about photo-ops and emails. Both candidates can do little more than to sidetrack voter's from the fact they both duck the issues and offer no real plan.

    Why not write about the issue that matter, like the plaque of corruption and scandal that has been brought on our state or how you plan on dealing with the exodus of business, residents and income from our state? No let's complain about photo-ops, emails and people being fat.

    However, as echoed by the Star Ledger endorsement of Chris Daggett, we finally have chance to change all of this.NJ voter's are the only ones that have the power to change our government

    I am working hard to spread that message and so can you. Click here to learn how.

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