Saturday, October 17, 2009

Daggett does not win Debate, therefore he loses…

Daggett does not win Debate, therefore he loses is the take from Wally Edge writing at Edge wrote nearly unanimously first New Jersey Guberantorial debate watchers said Chris Daggett won. As for the second debate nobody won, making Daggett the biggest looser of the debate.

Edge writes, “Expectations were high; after all, Daggett was the great debater, the guy who could put Jon Corzine and Chris Christie in their places, the man who would show the state why the two party system was a failure… (Daggett) came off a little whiney and a lot pompous.”

What could have been Daggett’s largest failure according to Edge’s article was Daggett not talking about his own record, “Daggett didn't say a word about his own record in government. He served in Tom Kean's cabinet, and held a top environmental post under Ronald Reagan. No mention of specifics of his own record.”

Edge also questioned Daggett being, “unable to name a single Justice of the United States Supreme Court, even though panelists gave him several chances.”


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