Saturday, October 17, 2009

Newspaper Commentary: Daggett wins debate #2.

Josh McMahon writes in a commentary on that Independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett won the second Gubernatorial debate.

McMahon says, “Daggett who impressed in the first time out and did so again. He was the most likeable and the one who made the most sense… Of the three, Daggett is the only one who has acted like a leader and like someone who respects the voters' intelligence.”

McMahon writes of the reason to not vote for the Republican or Democrat in this race, “For voters clinging to hope that one of the two major party wannabes would be inspiring – or at least offer a embraceable argument for his election – Friday night's debate was yet another let down in a series of them… After two debates the bottom line is that neither of the two major party candidates is particularly appealing. Forget charisma, neither one comes close to inspiring anybody to vote for him. Even more depressing neither one offers hope that the future will be better.”

But McMahon ends with a sober take for Daggett, “Despite his performance, Daggett probably won't win. The two-party system is rigged against a third party candidate like him. That's too bad.” Will voters take the time to find Daggett’s name hidden in the ballot? If voters think that searching though less than two-dozen ballot lines is going to be too hard, do New Jerseyians really deserve a good Governor?

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