Friday, October 9, 2009

Daggett appeals across nearly all demographics…

Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial Chris Daggett appeals acorss nearly all demographics. He gets even support across most demographics in a new SurveyUSA poll. The overall results of the polls shows Daggett getting 14% of the vote. The leader in the poll is Republican challenger Chris Christie 43%, slightly ahead of Incumbent Democrat Jon Corzie 40%.

The interesting thing is how the demographics show Daggett has the ability to climb across the board. The poll broke down voters by gender, age, race, party affiliation, ideology, biggest issue, college graduate, income level, 2008 Presidential Vote, favorite NFL Team, Bruce Springsteen fan, region of New Jersey.

Daggett is getting even polling numbers across nearly all of demographics. Blacks are voting for the Democrat by an 80% margin. The only other results are slightly lower than his overall totals are people that believe Jobs or the Economy is the number one issue in the Gubernatorial election.

The other candidates have distinct weaknesses in some areas, especially region of New Jersey and all partisan questions. Even the question of favorite NFL team and Bruce Springsteen fans have leans towards certain candidate.


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