Friday, October 9, 2009

Name ID skyrocketing for Daggett…

Name ID skyrocketing is for Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chirs Daggett. A new poll from Neighborhood Research shows Chris Daggett has an 82% name ID in New Jersey; that number is up from 44% in August.

While Daggett’s name ID is climbing, voters still do not have much a view of Daggett. The poll shows only 25% of people have a favorable, unfavorable, or mix view of the Independent Candidate.

The memo on the polls declares “THE DAGGETT VOTE IS REAL, AT LEAST FOR NOW”. The poll says, “Among those people voting for Daggett, the Independent is an
amazing 91-0 favorable. This is significant because the Daggett vote is not a ‘protest’ vote against the other two candidates but a positive affirmation of their candidate.”

With 75% percent of people that still have no opinion of Daggett, there is plenty of opportunity, but will there be plenty of time?


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