Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First NJ Gubernatorial post-debate poll leaves questions…

First NJ Gubernatorial post-debate poll leaves questions from the results. Rasmussen released the first poll after the first New Jersey Gubernatorial debate. It leaves some head scratching.

The poll showed Republican Chris Christie getting 47% of the vote. That is the highest polling result for Christie of any poll in two weeks, but a number of media reports have said Christie was a loser in the debate. The poll also showed incumbent Democrat Governor Jon Corzine getting 44% of the vote, that is the highest percentage of votes for Corzine anytime this year! The poll showed only 6% committing to vote for Independent Chris Daggett, he had not polled that low since early September. This is after Daggett was considered to be the winner of the debate by many watchers.

The poll showed that 21% of voters would consider voting for a third party option. As the Corzine & Christie attacks pick-up could that number grow?


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