Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New poll shows great hope for Daggett…

A new poll shows great hope for New Jersey Independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett. When put head to head-to-head-to-head a newly released poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind showed Governor Jon Corzine in a statistical dead heat with Republican Chris Christie 38%-37%. Independent Daggeett showed 16% committied to voting for Daggett, and one percent more leaning towards Daggett.

While being about 20% behind the leader seems bad, there is good news in the poll. Daggett has single digit response to people having a "Somewhat Unfavorable" or "Very Unfavorable" view of him. Both Governor Corzine and Christie are in the 40’s for unfavorable views.

Also a small sample of people said Daggett won the debate.

Now in classic burying-the-lead fashion, the major problem with this poll. The poll was “conducted by telephone from Sept. 28, 2009,through Oct.5, 2009” according to the data. That means some of the people were polled prior Daggett coming out with his tax plan, and many people were polled prior to the debate. That means it is only up for Daggett.


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