Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting to know Daggett tonight…

Getting to know Daggett tonight in the first New Jersey Governor’s debate will be big. Monmouth University released a new poll on the New Jersey Governor’s race. The results shows Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine with 38%, Chris Christie with 37% , Chris Daggett getting 8%.

The surprise is that Governor Jon Corzine has shown a lead for the first time in months.

Arguably, the real news from this poll is the confirmation that not very many people in New Jersey know much about Daggett, only 25% of likely voters know about him according to the Monmouth poll. Using a little math, if Daggett can reach 90% knowledge of New Jersey likely-voters from the debates and the ramping-up of election coverage in the news, Daggett could be polling in the high 20s to 30-percent.

Is this a pipedream? Jesse Ventura was not polling very high in Minnesota until the debates and he went on to win the Governor’s office.

This means the pressure is on Daggett in the Gubernatorial debates tonight. Daggett needs to be memorable and credible. If we see the next poll after the debate giving Daggett a vote in the high teens, Corzine & Christie better be worrying.


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