Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rave reviews for Daggett’s performance the first New Jersey Gubernatorial debate...

Rave reviews for Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett’s performance the first New Jersey Gubernatorial debate:

Michael Falcone - Politico: Independent candidate Chris Daggett, stationed at a podium between the two major-party challengers, presented himself as a low-drama alternative to them, as Corzine and Christie had heated exchanges over the economy, health care, and social issues during the 90-minute debate, the first of three…” “Isn’t it appropriate that I’m in the middle of these two guys,” Daggett asked at one point during Thursday's debate.

Emily Cadei - CQ Politics: “Daggett and Corzine lined up in favor of making spending cuts while raising some taxes to help close a multibillion-dollar state funding gap…”
“Both Corzine and Daggett accused (Christie) of being overly vague and lacking a genuine financial plan.”

David M. Halbfinger – New York Times: “It was the little-known independent, Christopher Daggett, a former Environmental Protection Agency official, who all but stole the show, promoting a plan to cut the state’s skyrocketing property taxes by up to 25 percent and haranguing Mr. Christie in particular for lacking a specific plan of his own.”
“Mr. Daggett who had the most to gain from the night, and seemed to make much of the opportunity.”
“But Mr. Daggett, in one of several barbs aimed at Mr. Christie, shot back: “It’s easy to criticize when you have no plan of your own. The tooth fairy’s not going to solve this problem.””

Josh McMahon – ”… Daggett had the best night. He was the most intellectually engaging, the one with new ideas. And he was entertaining.”
“Daggett’s [tax] plan generated even more attention because neither Christie nor Corzine had anything similar to offer.”
” By the end of the hour and a half, it easy to imagine that given a choice, viewers would rather grab a beer with Daggett than the other two. Simply put, Daggett was fun; Christie and Corzine weren’t.”

Paul Mulshine – The Star Ledger: “...Daggett was the winner of this debate by a large margin.” "Independent Chris Daggett criticized Christie for cutting down other plans without offering one of his own. Daggett also said he didn't want to raise taxes."

Tom Hester, Sr. - "Daggett came across as the most open with his plans..."

FOX Philadelphia: "Daggett stole the show with a few unplanned and ad-libbed one-liners and a definite plan to cut property taxes by 25 percent by expanding the sales tax on things like Jersey Shore rentals and haircuts."

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