Friday, October 16, 2009

NJ Governor's federal tax REFUND about twice the median NJ INCOME for 2008...

The federal tax refund for the New Jersey Governor is nearly half the total income of the Independent candidate for New Jersey Governor.

Independent candidate Chris Daggett has the smallest income of the main candidates for New Jersey Governor according to a new article on Claire Heininger and Josh Margolin write, “Among the three major candidates for governor, independent Chris Daggett says he is the closest to an average New Jersey taxpayer… Tax returns released by Daggett yesterday show he and his wife pulled down $287,240 last year. While he earns the least of the three major candidates, Daggett's household income far surpasses the state's $66,509 household median.

The newspaper describes Daggett as, “an environmental consultant, and wife Beatrice, a real estate saleswoman.” The article continues to say, “(Daggett’s) return shows the couple gave $21,552 in charitable donations and paid $12,949 in state income tax.” The paper writes that Daggett has always made it a priority to live the middle-class lifestyle in which he was raised and spent, “$400,000 on a college education for his two daughters.”

So what about his opponents?

Republican Chris Christie's income was $446,854. The newspaper says his wife made nearly $300,000 as a bond broker.

Democrat Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine reported a $3.13 million loss and takes only $1 a year from his job as Governor. The article said Corzine did not pay any taxes, but reported a federal tax refund of $125,369. The report added, “Despite his financial losses, Corzine is continuing his normal practice of paying for his campaign almost entirely out of pocket, shelling out more than $15.6 million so far.”


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