Friday, October 16, 2009

Debate #2: Christie attacks Daggett, Corzine ignores him...

In the second New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate Jonathan Martin on says Republican Challenger Chris Christie spent most of the debate attacking Independent Chris Daggett, while Incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine mostly ignored Daggett only alluding to him.

So what is Martin’s take on Daggett? He explained Christie and Daggett, “traded attacks and had the sharpest exchange of the 90-minute debate over their tax and spending proposals.”

While not focusing on the other candidates Daggett focused on the parties of the candidates, “..saying that Democrats had offered a failed plan while Republicans presented no plan.” Daggett said, “It’s time to vote for someone rather than against someone.”

Daggett also twice mentioned his plan of reducing property taxes and not having a rebate anymore. Daggett said, “My definition of [property tax] rebates is money Republicans and Democrats shouldn’t have taken from you in first place.”

Governor Corzine mostly ignored Daggett in the debate, but also after the debate. Martin writes, “(Corzine was) uninterested in talking at any length about Daggett after the debate when asked by reporters about the independent.” Corzine was quoted saying, “At least (Daggett) has a plan, he doesn’t have a fantasy.”

Daggett also said he expects to have television advertisements at some time.


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