Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Undecided voters in NJ Gov race do not like Corzine or Christie… Hello Daggett!

Undecided voters in the New Jersey Gubernatorial race do not like Corzine or Christie… Hello Daggett! Tom Jensen at Public Policy Polling broke down some of the numbers from their recent poll. Eight percent of people said they are still undecided. So, who are the undecided voters?

Jensen found undecided voters are more Democrat than Republican, more voted for President Barack Obama than not, they even voted for Governor Corzine 58-25 in the last election. Jenson writes, “Usually you'd look at those numbers and say they're stubborn base voters who will eventually come home, advantage Corzine. The thing is they don't like him- just 17% have a favorable opinion of him. But they don't like Chris Christie either- just 20% view him positively.

Let just pretend: The undecided that like Governor Corzine vote for him. The undecided that like Christie vote for him. The rest of the undecided vote for Daggett. If that would happen Daggett would pick-up 4.8% of the vote and put him close to 20% of the overall vote.


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